1.4" NearPerfect GOLDEN PYRITE Sharp Cubic Crystal on 4.8" Matrix Spain for sale

1.4" NearPerfect GOLDEN PYRITE Sharp Cubic Crystal on 4.8" Matrix Spain for sale

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Location La Rioja, Spain
Size 4.8" x 3.2" x 2.4"
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Here's a beautiful specimen of cubic golden PYRITE (also known as fool's gold) featuring a shiny mirror-like cubic crystal set on the off-white marl matrix in which it grew. This specimen comes from Mina Ampliación a Victoria, Navajun, La Rioja, Spain. It features a large, "perfect" natural crystal cube - formed by Mother Nature so sharply that it looks as if it were machined. The most common question people ask about these is, "You mean they came out of the ground just like that?" Yup! (I know, because I have been there and collected them myself.) These near-perfect cubes on matrix from Spain are amongst the most striking crystals in the mineral kingdom. I found this fabulous specimen at the Tucson Gem Rock and Mineral Show in the room of the Spanish dealer who operates the mine in Logrono, and brings each mining season's best finds to the Tucson show to sell.

Mina Ampliación a Victoria is a pyrite deposit which is located about 4 km NNW of the tiny village of Navajún, in the province of La Rioja, Spain. The surrounding area forms the headwaters of the Barranco de la Nava in the Sierra de Alcarama foothills of the Iberian Range. The deposit was discovered in 1965 and, through the years, pyrite from Navajún has been appreciated by and highly sought after by mineral collectors for its unique, highly aesthetic, exquisitely sharp, brightly lustrous, near-perfect single cubic crystals, clusters of twinned crystals, and crystals embedded in matrix. Arguably the finest cubic pyrite crystals in the world come from Navajún (not Logrono, as they are sometimes mislabeled). This degree of perfection causes many neophytes to exclaim in amazement and ask if they are man made. Since its discovery, Navajún pyrite has become the icon of Spanish mineralogy.