3.5" SharpTransparent Phantom DOLOMITE Crystals on Matrix Navarra Spain for sale

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This beautiful specimen of PHANTOM DOLOMITE was collected at the Azcarate Quarry, Eugui, Esteribar, Navarra, Spain in the mid-1990s. This quarry is celebrated for having produced some of the finest dolomite crystals ever found, and his pieces lived up to that reputation. They feature exceptionally large, sharp rhombohedral crystals with high luster and nice transparency, revealing gray phantoms inside many of the crystals. The mine closed years ago, though it was still open to collectors until a collector was killed there a few years ago. Now it is fenced off, so there will probably be no future collecting.

Location Navarra, Spain
Size 3.5" x 3.1" x 2.6"
Suggested Stand Medium 2αΊ„" Peg Stand