3.4" Sky Blue AQUAMARINE Sharp Gem Crystals w/Black TOURMALINE Namibia for sale

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This specimen of aquamarine on microcline and schorl tourmaline stands out as a first-rate, cabinet-sized specimen, with excellent aesthetics and sharp crystallization. The aquamarine is a rich shade of azure sky blue that is heightened by the gem clarity and stunning transparency of the crystals, which are sharp six-sided hexagons with smooth, flat terminations. Their brilliant color and bright luster really makes them stand out against the white matrix. This is a very good example of aquamarine on matrix from this highly regarded locality.

Here's a very choice specimen of gem AQUAMARINE from the Erongo Range, Namibia, with an amazing number of sky-blue aquamarine crystals set on snow white MICROCLINE, with some sharp crystals of black SCHORL TOURMALINE. We picked out this specimen at the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show from a wholesale dealer who imported a pile of flats of this material.

Location Omaruru, Namibia
Size 3.4" x 2.5' x 1.5"
Suggested Stand A suitable display stand comes free with this specimen.