2.5"Grass Green DEMANTOID GARNET Crystals-Madagascar

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Demantoid garnets are one of the rarer gemstones in the world. This colorful specimen is from the 2009 find at the recently discovered deposits in a mangrove tidal flat in ANTETEZAMBATO, AMBANJA AREA, ANTSIRANANA REGION, NORTH MADAGASCAR. On this specimen, the demantoid crystals are a delightful spring green color. The matrix is a bed sugary micro garnet crystals . The dodecahedral crystals are of great quality, and they're very shiny & lustrous. A number of the demantoid crystals show see-through transparency. The color and quality of the crystals fom this locale is comparable to the best finds from Italy, Russia, and Namibia.

Location Mahajanga, Madagascar
Size 2.5" x 2.0" x 1.4"
Suggested Stand A suitable display stand comes free with this specimen