3.2" Pale Pink SMITHSONITE Crystals to 4mm on Matrix Tsumeb Namibia for sale

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  • Mineral: Smithsonite
  • Product Code: EB0414SMITTS1
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Here's a superb specimen of SMITHSONITE from the Tsumeb Mine in Tsumeb, Otjicoto Region, Namibia. I picked up this specimen this year at the Denver Gem, Rock & Mineral Show. The Tsumeb Mine has been closed for over 2 decades now, and pretty much anything from this world-famous locality commands high prices. This is an unusual, top quality specimen at a very reasonable price.

Location Otjikoto Region, Namibia
Size 3.2" x 2.7" x 1.5"
Suggested Stand A suitable display stand comes free with this specimen