1.5" Golden MILLERITE Loose Hairy Crystals on Chalcedony Halls Gap KY for sale

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Here is a fabulous MILLERITE GEODE from the famous classic locality at Hall's Gap, Kentucky. The locality was closed by the Kentucky Department of Transportation due to the hazardous overhangs resulting from years of rockhounding, but reportedly reopened in 2003. After decades of heavy collecting, the likelihood of finding a good specimen these days is slim to none. This piece came out of my own collection. I acquired it back in the the early 1990s in a trade with another collector at a rock swap put on by a mineral club in Connecticut. He had been to Kentucky, and claimed he found more millerite geodes than he knew what to do with. Today, rock swaps have pretty much disappeared in New England, as the number of collecting localities has shrunk, and nearly all the field collectors go to the same spots.

Location Kentucky, USA
Size 1.5" x 1.3" x 0.6"
Suggested Stand Comes with the plastic box shown in the photo