1g Genuine WOOLY MAMMOTH HAIR Dug from Siberian Permafrost Russia for sale

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Wooly mammoths are perhaps the best known mammals of the Ice Age. Much is known about their appearance because carcasses have been found preserved in frozen ground in Siberia, and wall pictures by stone-age artists can be seen today in ancient European caves. Wooly mammoths grew to about the size of present-day Asiatic elephants, with large curved ivory tusks, and knob-like heads. Wooly mammoths possessed warm coats consisting of long, grey or brown "guard hairs" on the chest, and shorter, reddish-brown common hair covering the rest of the body. Beneath the outside hair is a soft underwool. This specimen of wooly mammoth hair is course hair which and protected the mammoth from attacks because the attacking animals could not see the fleshy chest parts of the mammoth behind the curtain of hair. This hair is the rarest form of fossil from a mammoth. It is almost impossible to find, even in Russia.

This sample is packaged in a plastic bag with a re-sealable top, to protect and preserve this remarkable relic from over 10,000 years ago.

Location Siberia, Russia
Size 4-8" long