1.8" Bright Brassy Golden PYRITE Sharp Smooth Octahedral Crystals Peru for sale

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  • Mineral: Pyrite
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Tags: 1.8 bright brassy golden pyrite sharp smooth octahedral crystals peru for sale, eb0419pop4, pyrite

This is a flashy specimen of 8-sided octahedral pyrite crystals (like back-to-back pyramids) in a glowing brassy golden yellow color. The crystals are lustrous, and their smooth, shiny surfaces add great visual interest. This is an excellent representation of the pyrite from the Racracancha Mine, which produces some of the best pyrite crystals in the world.

Location Racracancha mine, Tinyahuarco district, Pasco province, Pasco department, Peru
Size 1.8" x 1.7" x 1.3"
Suggested Stand A display square comes free with this specimen.