4.3" Rainbow-Filled Gem Clear PINK ICELAND SPAR Crystal Rhomb Mexico for sale

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  • Mineral: Iceland Spar
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Measuring 4.3" from corner to corner, this is a lovely pink specimen of Iceland spar, a cleaved rhombohedron of gem calcite. The rhombohedron is prismatic and is richly colored throughout.  Its interior is gem clear, and shows the crystal's property of double refraction very distinctly . This Iceland spar is an unusually aesthetic specimen of optical quality in a delightful pink color. The piece measures 2.8" along its longest edge.

Location La Prieta Linda Mine, Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico
Size 4.3" Tip-to-Tip; 2.8" x 2.4" x 1.6"
Suggested Stand Medium 2.5" Peg Stand