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4.1" TwinklySparkly EmeraldGreen UVAROVITE Crystals to1mm+Matrix Russia for sale
Uvarovite is the name given to the green calcium chromium garnet end member. The Saranovskii localit..
42ct 1.1" WATERMELON TOURMALINE Polished Slice DuntonQuarry Newry Maine for sale
Here is a slice from a watermelon tourmaline crystal that has been polished on both faces to highlig..
5.7" Twinkling Emerald Green UVAROVITE Sparkly Dazzling Crystals Russia for sale
This is a shimmering specimen of uvarovite garnet that is almost completely covered with 1mm twinkli..
2.3" Vivid Neon Green FLUORITE Octahedral Crystals Riemvasmaak S.Africa for sale
This is a rich, mint green cluster of fluorite, with crystals all around to .8". The fluorites are e..
5.5" Vivid Sky Blue CELESTITE Glassy Gem Crystals in a Geode Madagascar for sale
The highly lustrous crystals in this large size celestite geode are a rich sky-blue color that is ve..
4.6" Gemmy Gray SMOKY QUARTZ SCEPTERED CRYSTAL Hallelujah Junction NV for sale
The large head of this terminated crystal is gemmy smoky quartz with just a touch of very light, bar..
3.1" BubbleGum PINK SMITHSONITE Crystals in Botryoidal Formation Mexico for sale
I think the most appealing feature on this specimen is the color, which is a lovely bubble gum pink...
3.2" Dark Red VANADANITE Sharp Wet-Look Pristine Crystals to.4" Morocco for sale
Here is an excellent specimen featuring brilliantly lustrous, extremely sharp vanadinite crystals in..
4.3" Water Clear See-Through GEM POLISHED QUARTZ with Rainbows Brazil for sale
Here is a rainbow-filled specimen of clear quartz, which has been shaped and polished into a lovely ..
3.7" FADEN QUARTZ w-White Line Double Terminated Gem Crystals Pakistan for sale
This is a water-clear faden quartz crystal, with a characteristic white line down the middle of the ..
5.5" RAINBOW FLUORITE Blue-Green-Purple-Violet Polished Crystal China for sale
The intensity of the rainbow colors in this polished fluorite crystal are amazing. Starting at one e..
2.7" Gem Gold SELENITE BALL w-Terminated Sword Crystals Winnipeg Canada for sale
Here is an intriguing specimen of selenite with sharp, gem-quality crystal blades shaped like the ti..
1.8" Superb Color Violet Grape Purple AMETHYST Gemmy Crystal Zimbabwe for sale
This amethyst crystal is richly colored, in a saturated royal purple that is very impressive. Inside..
1.8" Colorful Deep Blue APATITE Crystal w-Tourmaline New Find Tanzania for sale
This is a specimen of fluorapatite from a new 2019 find in Tanzania. The color is a rich, deep blue,..
3.8" Hemisphere of Bone White BARITE Crystals w-Sphalerite Elmwood TN for sale
Here is a superb cabinet sized barite specimen, featuring the typical Elmwood ivory white spherical ..
.9" Water Clear See Through Gem HERKIMER DIAMOND Terminated Crystal NY for sale
This gem clear single Herkimer diamond quartz crystal is sharp and well-formed all around. It is sha..
16.3" Huge Book of Black BIOTITE MICA Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is a very large, lustrous crystal book of iron-rich midnight black biotite mica. The biotite is..
2.8" Smooth Dark Green MOTTRAMITE Botryoidal Crystals onLimonite Mexico for sale
Up until mottramite was found at Mapimi in 2011, none had been found for over 20 years, since the Ts..
2.9" Naturally Magnetic LODESTONE MAGNETITE Metallic Gray +Filings Utah for sale
This is a naturally magnetic specimen of magnetite, also known as lodestone because of its magnetism..
2.8" Dark Cherry Red ARKANITE Sharp Pristine Wet-Look Crystals Poland for sale
You will be amazed by the rich, saturated, crimson red color of this fine example of arkanite on mat..