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4.1" POLISHED BULLS EYE MALACHITE Stalactite Slice +Green Circles Congo for sale
This slice of bull's eye malachite features deep and varied shades of green combined with a bright, ..
2.9" Gem Clear Glassy Rich Blue FLUORITE Crystals +Barite Jaimina Spain for sale
Here is a beautiful gem fluorite specimen with transparent, water clear, flashy cubic crystals with ..
1.4" Nice Gemmy Light BLUE BARITE Sculptural Crystal Cluster StonehamCO for sale
Here is a very sculptural specimen of barite from the highly regarded Stoneham, Colorado locality. T..
1.1" Clear SCEPTER HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal onBlack Stem LittleFalls NY for sale
This sceptered Herkimer diamond (quartz) crystal from the Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine is lustrous..
2.3" Bulls Eye MALACHITE SLICE Light & Dark Green Bands Polished Congo for sale
Malachite stalactites that are mined in the Congo are sometimes cut into semi-precious slices which ..
1" Sharp Shiny Saturated Green TSAVORITE GARNET Crystal Group Tanzania for sale
The green color on this tsavorite specimen is a rich, intensely saturated spearmint green that reall..
19mm Red Cloud Mine Terminated Shiny Orange WULFENITE CRYSTAL Arizona for sale
This sharp, tabular wulfenite crystal hails from the famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizona. The crystal i..
2.0" Mirrored Metallic Gold 2 PYRITE CUBES Pristine Crystal Group Spain for sale
Here is a gorgeous cluster of 2 very sharp and undamaged interlocking cubic crystals of pyrite. Thes..
17.2mm 6.6ct Glittering Saturated Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ CRYSTAL Brazil for sale
This imperial topaz crystal, which weighs 6.6 carats, has excellent color for its size, not the typi..
3.1" Skeletalized HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal Cluster Treasure Mountain NY for sale
Here is a superb specimen of skeletal Herkimer Diamond quartz from Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine in..
18mm 28ct Cabochon Cut Raspberry Red Purple STAR RUBY 6 Ray Star Ceylon for sale
This is a choice cabochon-cut specimen of star ruby (a variety of corundum) from the fabled ruby min..
1" HERKIMER DIAMOND SCEPTER Clear Crystal on Black Stem Little Falls NY for sale
Here is a razor-sharp sceptered Herkimer Diamond from Treasure Mountain in Little Falls, NY. The ste..
3.2" Polished Red Brown FIRE AGATE Egg In Birds Nest Chalcedony Mexico for sale
This is a specimen of fire agate from Mexico, set inside a chalcedony "bird's nest" formation. The r..
2.6" Flashy Spray w-Dozens of Dark Green Shiny EPIDOTE Crystals Peru for sale
This is a beautiful specimen of deep dark green (nearly black) epidote crystals, which are arranged ..
1" 181g Sharp Barrel Shaped Cranberry Red RUBY Complete Crystal India for sale
This is a sharply crystallized ruby crystal from Mysore, India. The hexagonal crystal is terminated ..
2.6" Vivid Emerald Green Octahedral FLUORITE Crystal William Wise M NH for sale
This is a specimen of green fluorite that comes from a classic New England locality: the William Wis..
4.2" Botryoidal Two-Tone Green MOTTRAMITE Crystals on Limonite Mexico for sale
This specimen features moss-like dark and light green micro-crystals of mottramite arrayed in botryo..
17mm 32ct Cranberry Red STAR RUBY with SharpShiny 6Point Star Sri Lanka for sale
This is a lovely cabochon-cut star ruby gemstone in a deep reddish-purple cranberry color. The domed..
1.7" PYRITE CUBE ON 2.8" MATRIX RazorSharp Flashy Crystal Navajun Spain for sale
This fine specimen features a sharp, nearly perfect pyrite cube perched on a chunk of marl matrix. T..
1.9" WATERMELON TOURMALINE Crystal Pink&Green in Matrix Strickland Q CT for sale
Here is a rare watermelon tourmaline crystal in matrix from the Strickland Quarry, arguably the most..