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18mm Colorful Orange-Red Tabular WULFENITE Crystals Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
Wulfenite from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona is famous for its red-orange color and sharp tabular ha..
2.7" Shiny Hoppered BISMUTH Crystals Metallic BlueMagentaSilver England for sale
Here is a superb specimen of bismuth, lab grown to create large, sharp, perfect crystals.  The ..
.8" Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Cluster 4 Crystals +Rainbows NY for sale
Here is a Herkimer diamond crystal cluster from the Hickory Hill Diggings in Fonda, NY made up of ge..
1.4" Sharp Mirror-Like Brassy Golden PYRITE Crystal Merelani Tanzania for sale
This pyrite is a pyritohedral crystal, with brilliant metallic luster and smooth shiny faces that ac..
.8" 33.5ct Juicy Orange Gemmy IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This imperial topaz crystal, which weighs 10.8 carats, has excellent color for its size, not the typ..
10mm Fine Terminated Golden Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Gemmy Crystal Brazil for sale
I visited an imperial topaz mine near Ouro Preto during my trip to Brazil's Minas Gerais province. T..
4.2" Flame Red REALGAR Spiky Crystals with Quartz+Galena+Pyrite Peru for sale
The overall impression created by the piece is very dramatic: the intense ruby red color draws the e..
2" Brassy Gold PYRITE Crystal Cluster 2 Metallic Sharp Cubes to2" Spain for sale
The largest cube in this twinned grouping of 2 pyrite crystals measures 2" from tip-to-opposite-tip,..
.9" Rich GoldenYellow APATITE Terminated Crystal Wet-Look Luster Mexico for sale
Here is a delightful single crystal of lemon yellow apatite. The color is bright, and the crystal ha..
2.3" Sharp CrimsonRed ARKANITE Flashy Wet-Look Pristine Crystals Poland for sale
You will be amazed by the rich, saturated, crimson red color of this fine example of arcanite. ..
4.5" Wise Mine GREEN FLUORITE Crystal 2 Phases of Growth New Hampshire for sale
Here is a specimen of green octahedral fluorite that comes from a classic New England locality: the ..
2" 6.3oz Shiny SilverCopper Polished Rare MOHAWKITE Nugget UP Michigan for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian copper, alg..
2.4" Colorful MALACHITE SLICE Light&Dark Green BullsEyes Polished Congo for sale
Here is a polished slice of malachite that was cut from a malachite stalactite, then polished to rev..
1.1" Colorful Rainbows Inside Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Crystal NY for sale
This is a large rainbow-filled Herkimer diamond crystal from the HIckory HIll Diamond Mine.  It..
13mm Shiny Bright OrangeRed Tabular WULFENITE Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
Wulfenite crystals from the Red Cloud Mine are famous for their brilliant red-orange color, and this..
5" Clear Needle Spike SELENITE Sharp Radiating Crystal Balls Australia for sale
The selenite crystals on this specimen are clear right up to the tips, which are sharply termianted...
1.6" HERKIMER DIAMOND Terminated Crystal +Colorful Rainbows New York for sale
This is a choice Herkimer diamond quartz crystal from Hickory Hill in New York. The crystal is doubl..
.9" Sharp Lustrous Clear Gemmy GOLDEN APATITE Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Here is a partly gem clear single crystal of lemon yellow apatite. The color is very bright, and the..
1.4" 48ct YellowGreen Dichroic DIASPORE Sharp Terminated Crystal Turkey for sale
This crystal, which comes from the well-known locality in Menderes, Yatagan-Mugla, Turkey, is a love..
19mm 29.7ct Cranberry Red 6-Ray STAR RUBY Oval Gem Cabochon Sri Lanka for sale
This gemstone is a star ruby cabochon that features a rich cranberry red color and bright polished l..