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2.1" BOULDER OPAL Flashes of Electric Green +Red+Blue+Violet Australia for sale
Lime green, red, blue and purple flash showily from just below the surface of this lovely boulder op..
.8" 13.9ct Chrome Green Gem PERIDOT Crystal Clean Termination Pakistan for sale
Dug in 2014 in Pakistan, this is an excellent specimen of this highly coveted gemstone. It is a shar..
4.8" Gray ANTHOPHYLLITE Long Crystal Fibers Rare Amphibol Massachusetts for sale
This is a specimen of anthophyllite, an amphibole mineral that is a rare member of the asbestos fami..
16.5" Huge Book of Black BIOTITE MICA Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
Biotite is a variety of mica that is the iron-rich analog of clear muscovite mica.  Like muscov..
3.5" Blue+Pink TOURMALINE Crystals on Matrix Strickland Q Connecticut for sale
This specimen comes from the Strickland Quarry in Connecticut. It features dark blue indicolite tour..
.8" 12.4ct Vivid Honey-Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Sharp Gemmy Crystal Brazil for sale
This imperial topaz crystal, which weighs 12.4 carats, has excellent color for its size, not the typ..
2.2" PYRITE Cluster 2 Brilliant RazorSharp Cubic Crystals to 1.9" Spain for sale
This specimen is a tight penetrating twin cluster of 2 interlocking pyrite cubes, the larger being 1..
2.5" Blue & Violet PHANTOM FLUORITE Gemmy Glassy Cubic Crystals Spain for sale
Here is a beautiful fluorite specimen with transparent, clear, flashy cubic crystals with no modific..
2.7" 39g Golden Copal AMBER +Bugs Trapped Inside Cap d'Ambre Madagascar for sale
Here is a very fine 39 gram,  golden yellow specimen of copal amber that's about 25 million yea..
1.2" Sharp Terminated Gemmy Rich Yellow FLUOR-APATITE Crystal Morocco for sale
During the 2012-13 season, this locality in Morocco produced high quality, bright saturated yellow (..
5.1" CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Shaggy Long Fiber Light Gray Crystals Vermont for sale
The fibers on this chrysotile asbestos specimen are thin and fuzzy, and the specimen has a light gra..
3.3" Sharp MILKY QUARTZ Large Single Crystal w-Elestial Sides Moosup CT for sale
I collected this milky quartz specimen with Dick Holmes in 1998 in Haddam, CT, from a pit we excavat..
4" Mt.St.Hilaire Jet Black AEGERINE Crystals w-Analcime+Siderite Quebec for sale
Here is a Mont Saint-Hilaire combination specimen, featuring fine crystals of black aegerine, white ..
2.9" BlueGreen Gemmy ROGERLY FLUORITE Crystals PenetratingTwins England for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of blue-green fluorite from the famous Rogerley Mine in England. It feat..
1.1" Sharp PaleBlue Gemmy JEREMEJEVITE Terminated Crystal 1.1ct Namibia for sale
This is a fine crystal of the very rare aluminum borate mineral jeremejevite. The long, thin, 27mm c..
2.6" RAINBOW SKELETAL QUARTZ Sharp Fenster Crystal w-Anthraxolite China for sale
The inside of this crystal is heavily skeletalized, featuring internal hollow areas where the quartz..
2.1" Shiny Metallic Grayish-Silver ARSENOPYRITE Crystals +Quartz China for sale
The metallic silvery gray crystals on this specimen of Chinese arsenopyrite are sharply formed and h..
1" 85ct Gemmy RedOrange SPESSARTINE GARNET Sharp Shiny Crystal Tanzania for sale
This sharp crystal of spessartine garnet practically glows with a captivating, translucent fruity re..
5.9" Sharp Spiky Clear Radiating Porcupine SELENITE Crystals Australia for sale
This stunning specimen of selenite features terminated, clear crystals radiating upward and outward ..
2.7" SKELETAL HERKIMER DIAMONDS Sharp Hollow Window Crystals w/Rainbows for sale
This is a fine example of skeletal Herkimer Diamond quartz from Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine in Li..