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3.5" 123g Metallic Nickel Iron NanDan METEORITE China Witness Fall 1516 for sale
This nickel-iron meteorite weighs 3.4 ounces, nearly a quarter of a pound. The surface is smooth, sh..
.8" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Gemmy Tabular Terminated Crystal AZ for sale
This is a sharp, tabular wulfenite crystalthat hails from the world famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizona..
1.8" 68 carat Yellow/Green Gem Clear DIASPORE Terminated Crystal Turkey for sale
Here is a specimen of diaspore that was found in Turkey. In sunlight, this crystal exhibits pleochro..
1" Electric Blue CYANOTRICHITE Fuzzy Hair-Like Crystals Grand View M AZ for sale
The cyanotrichite crystals on this specimen are like fine hairs, sticking up and out from the surfac..
2.2" Pretty-Near Perfect CUBIC PYRITE Crystal Sharp Lustrous Gold Spain FOR SALE
This sharp single pyrite crystal is 2.2" from outside tip-to-outside tip, and 1.3" along each edge. ..
4.0" Clear NIRVANA QUARTZ Heart of the Universe Elestial Crystal India for sale
This is a very beautiful specimen of a variety of clear quartz that is called nirvana quartz or some..
1.78ct 7mm DIAMOND Twinned Cubic Greenish Crystals Congo Uncut Gemstone for sale
Here is a real diamond crystal weighing 1.78 carats. This specimen-quality gemstone (sorry, it can n..
1.4" SKUTTERUDITE Sharp Shiny Silver Metallic Crystals to 1.1" Morocco for sale
This is a brilliant, flashy, showy specimen of the rare nickel-cobalt arsenide mineral skutterudite,..
1.7" Rich Rosy Pink RHODONITE Sharp Gemmy Crystals San Martin Mine Peru for sale
This rhodonite specimen is a very colorful example which displays a wonderful assemblage of sharp bl..
1.4" Jelly Bean GREEN FLUORITE Octahedral Crystal William Wise Mine NH for sale
Here is an octahedral crystal of green fluorite that comes from a classic New England locality: the ..
1.6" 58ct Rare PETALITE Crystal Section Transparent Gemmy Piece Brazil for sale
Here is a fine specimen of the rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a section of a crysta..
1.3" PYRITE CUBE on 3.2" MATRIX RazorSharp Flashy Crystal Navajun Spain for sale
This is an attractive eye candy specimen featuring a sharp, nearly perfect pyrite cube perched on a ..
2.6" Sharp CrimsonRed ARKANITE Flashy Wet-Look Pristine Crystals Poland for sale
You will be delighted with the rich, saturated, burgundy red color of this fine example of arcanite...
1.1" Water Clear See Through Gem HERKIMER DIAMOND Terminated Crystal NY for sale
Hickory Hill produces some of the clearest, most gem-perfect Herkimer diamonds around, and this one ..
7.6" 2.6LB Dark Moss Green Smooth SERPENTINE Gem Rough Eden Mills VT for sale
Here is a fine specimen of verde antique, a classic variety of serpentine, from the original Vermont..
2" Shiny SKUTTERUDITE Metallic Silver Cobalt Crystals Bou Azzer Morocco for sale
This is a brilliant, flashy, showy specimen of the rare nickel-cobalt arsenide mineral skutterudite,..
1.2" Sparkly Gemmy Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Crystal NY for sale
Here is a Herkimer diamond quartz crystal that is sharp and very clear. The planes of the crystals a..
3.2" Kaleidoscope Colorful Rainbow BISMUTH Hoppered Crystals Germany for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of native bismuth, featuring a kaleidoscope of neon day-glo colors in shad..
6.2" 23g Golden Gem AMBER Drip Fossil Tree Sap Madagascar with Insects for sale
Here is a stalactite-like fossil drip of real copal amber from Madagascar's Cap d'Ambre. The piece i..
1" Lemon Yellow Clear Gemmy APATITE Lustrous Terminated Crystal Morocco for sale
This is a lovely single crystal of bright yellow (with a very subtle hint of green) apatite from a 2..