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4.0" Bi-Color Purple on Green FLUORITE Sharp Octahedral Crystals China for sale
The color contrast on this two-color fluorite specimen is terrific. Underneath is a field of octahed..
3.5" Highly Complex Terminated QUARTZ CRYSTAL CLUSTER Liangang Mongolia for sale
This is a highly sculptural specimen of terminated quartz crystals, artistically arranged in a long,..
5.5" Sharp DarkBlue Cubic FLUORITE Crystals on Quartz Matrix New Mexico for sale
This is a colorful specimen of blue fluorite, from the Blanchard Mines in Bingham, NM. The piece is ..
2.7" Rich Deep Blue APATITE Terminated Crystal New Find Dodoma Tanzania for sale
The rich, saturated blue color of this apatite crystal is really amazing. The apatite is opaque, and..
4.1" Golden SELENITE Mace Gem Clear Stick Out Crystals to 1.6" Winnipeg for sale
This extra-large specimen of selenite features large, sharp, gemmy crystal blades sticking out on al..
4.1" Complex Cluster CUBIC PYRITE 9 Bright Sharp Crystals to 3.2" Spain for sale
This is a group of 9 amazingly bright, extraordinarily sharp interlocking pyrite cubes that create a..
3.4" Gemmy Navy Blue+Purple FLUORITE Cubic Crystals Huanggang Mongolia for sale
This fluorite specimen from Mongolia is made up of indigo blue fluorite crystals with purple zoning...
3.4" Gemmy Golden Yellow DOGTOOTH CALCITE Crystal Brushy Creek Missouri for sale
The glowing golden yellow color of the terminated calcite crystals on this specimen is lovely and is..
2.7" Lustrous Double Termnated Trigonal Black DRAVITE Crystal Australia for sale
This is a sharp dravite tourmaline crystal, nearly complete all around, with lustrous faces and trig..
3.7" Silvery Metallic Gray STIBNITE Sharp Shiny Crystal Bundles China for sale
This is a group of lovely bundles of thin stibnite crystals from China, with sharp, undamaged termin..
2.0" Water Clear FADEN QUARTZ Sharp Crystals w-Bright White Line Italy for sale
The brilliant, glossy quartz crystals on this specimen are clear, tabular and double terminated, and..
2" IndigoBlue FLUORITE Crystals w-Curved Faces on Quartz Inner Mongolia for sale
Here is a fine specimen from Mongolia featuring a number of dark blue fluorite crystals covering whi..
4.2" Complex Cluster CUBIC PYRITE 20 Bright Sharp Crystals to 2" Spain for sale
Here is an amazing pyrite specimen. It is a highly complex, tight cluster of 20 interlocking twinned..
3.0" Rare BRUCITE Pakistan Colorful Butter Yellow Botryoidal Crystals for sale
This fine specimen features translucent, botryoidal, spherical aggregates, with good luster and high..
3.0" Skeletal Lavender Violet Gemmy AMETHYST Crystals Veracruz Mexico for sale
This dramatic specimen features gem-clear, sharply terminated amethyst crystals in a three-dimension..
2.9" Translucent BLUE BARITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Group Stoneham CO for sale
Here is an excellent, classic specimen of barite crystals from the Sterling Mine in Stoneham, Colora..
3.0" Sharp PERICLINE Crystals w-Dark Green Chlorite Coating Acushnet MA for sale
Ernie Schlichter was a legendary mineral collector and dealer from Massachusetts. He was a frequent ..
3.7" Pink-Red RHODOCHROSITE Gemmy Crystals on Matrix Sweet Home Mine CO for sale
Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, CO is the standard against which all other rhodochro..
4.1" TwinklySparkly EmeraldGreen UVAROVITE Crystals to1mm+Matrix Russia for sale
Uvarovite is the name given to the green calcium chromium garnet end member. The Saranovskii localit..
42ct 1.1" WATERMELON TOURMALINE Polished Slice DuntonQuarry Newry Maine for sale
Here is a slice from a watermelon tourmaline crystal that has been polished on both faces to highlig..