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1.2" Octahedral PINK FLUORITE Very Sharp Translucent Crystal Mongolia for sale
The color of this translucent fluorite crystal from Inner Mongolia is a rich, dusty rose pink. The o..
3.6" Spiky Round Spheres of Sparkly Gem Orange CREEDITE Crystals Mexico for sale
Here is a superior specimen of creedite, featuring vivid red-orange crystals in spiky radiating 3-di..
3.5" Flashy Emerald Green UVAROVITE Twinkling Sparkling Crystals Russia for sale
Here is a shimmering specimen of uvarovite garnet that is richly covered with twinkling crystals to ..
3.7" Yellow Gold Gem YELLOW ICELAND SPAR Sharp Polished Cleavage Brazil for sale
This polished rhombohedral crystal cleavage of Iceland spar is an unusually colorful golden yellow a..
3.5" Strange Rare GROWTH INTERFERENCE QUARTZ Crystal w-"SawCuts" Russia for sale
This is an exceptional example of a very rare form of quartz: a growth interference crystal. The fas..
2.8" Canary YELLOW BRUCITE Smooth Bubbly Botryoidal Crystals Pakistan for sale
Here is a superb specimen that features translucent, botryoidal, spherical aggregates, with good lus..
4.9" Bright Sunny YELLOW ICELAND SPAR See-Through Crystal Rhomb Brazil for sale
Here is a large, gemmy, yellow, cleaved rhombohedron of Iceland spar (calcite) from Mexico. It is tr..
3.3" 148g LAPIS LAZULI SuperSaturated DarkBlue Polished Gem Afghanistan for sale
Lapis lazuli (the name for gem lazurite) from Sar-e-Song has set the standard for this attractive se..
2.9" Saturated Grass Green Gemmy Clear FLUORITE Crystal Cleavage China for sale
Here is a fine fluorite octahedron from China. The fluorite has been cleaved along its natural cleav..
1.7" Royal Blue Zones in Clear BLUE HALITE Salt Crystal Tuzluca Turkey for sale
This is a very striking crystal of blue halite, which is salt! This colorful piece has vivid royal b..
2.1" Sunshine Yellow Native SULFUR Sharp Gemmy Hoppered Crystal Bolivia for sale
Here is a superb specimen: a large, sharply crystallized native sulfur crystal. The sulfur crystal i..
6.3" Wand-Shaped ELESTIAL JACARE QUARTZ Crystal Multiple Tips Brazil for sale
This long crystal of elestial quartz is shaped like a wand, with 6 terminated crystals sticking out ..
4.6" Twinned Mirror Bright Golden PYRITE 3 Sharp Crystals to 2.5" Spain for sale
This is an intriguing pyrite specimen. It is a complex cluster of 3 complete, interlocking, twinned ..
1.5" Old Time Shiny Sharp SULFUR RichYellow Crystal with Bitumen Sicily for sale
Here is a sulfur specimen with a unique natural trait: The crystal is adorned with traces of bitumen..
.9" Inchworm Green VESUVIANITE SharpSparkling Gem Crystal Quebec Canada for sale
This gleaming green specimen of vesuvianite is made up of sharp, gemmy, terminated crystals. The col..
2.7" FLUORITE Multiple Violet & Purple Phantoms Cubic Crystal Ilinois for sale
The phantoms in this gemmy fluorite specimen from Illinois are outstanding. Set inside blue-violet f..
5.4" PYRITE Elaborate 16Cube Cluster Brite Sharp Crystals Navajun Spain for sale
This is an intriguing pyrite specimen. It is a complex, tight cluster of 16 interlocking twinned pyr..
3.2" Sparkling UVAROVITE Twinkling Emerald Green Crystals to 1mm Russia for sale
This fine uvarovite specimen features a mesmerizing formation of tiny bright green crystals which sp..
3" MirrorSurface Cubic PYRITE CRYSTAL MetallicGold Color Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a cubic crystal of pyrite that is amazing: it is 3" from tip-to-tip and 1.8" along the longe..
4.6" 1.5LB GOLDEN YELLOW LABRADORITE Amazing IridescentFlash Madagascar for sale
The color of this choice specimen of polished labradorite is a rich golden yellow, a departure from ..