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.8" Flawless HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Gem Sharp Double Terminatd Crystal for sale
This is a very clean and astonishingly clear Herkimer diamond crystal from HIckory HIll Diggings. Th..
.9" 17.1ct Jelly Bean Green PERIDOT Terminated Gemmy Crystal Pakistan for sale
The rich color of this peridot crystal is a rich green that really draws the eye. The crystallizatio..
2.5" Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget with Copper Algodoite Domeykite Michigan for sale
Mohawkite is a rare blend of arsenian copper and two other rare minerals: algodoite and domeykite. T..
1.5" 55ct PETALITE VeryRare Gemmy Clear Lustrous Crystal Section Brazil for sale
Here is a specimen of the very rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a fine crystal sectio..
2.1" PRASE QUARTZ Cluster Terminated Jade Green Crystals Serifos Greece for sale
This is a dramatically sculptural specimen of jade green quartz (prase) with good terminations on el..
2.9" Dark Gold BARITE Sharp Shiny Translucent Terminated Crystal France for sale
This citrine-like barite crystal comes from central France, from a small quarry where it was mined b..
2.9" Colorful GREEN FLUORITE Octahedral Crystal William Wise Mine NH for sale
This is a fine specimen of octahedral fluorite from a classic New England locality: the William Wise..
Set of 10 Graduated PYRITE CUBES Near-Perfect Crystals 1" to 1/3" Spain for sale
Here's a beautiful graduated set of 10 GOLDEN PYRITE CUBES (also known as FOOL'S GOLD) featuring shi..
16.6" Book of Shiny Black BIOTITE MICA Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is an extra-large, lustrous book of iron-rich midnight black biotite mica. The biotite is forme..
2" PYRITE CUBE Sharp Single Crystal Mirror BrightBrassy Gold+Twin Spain for sale
Here is a fine specimen of pyrite, formed into a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. The ed..
5.5" Plush Soft Botryoidal Dark Green MOTTRAMITE Crystals Ojuela Mexico for sale
This specimen features mossy green micro-crystals of mottramite arrayed in botryoidal form. The botr..
3.6" Classic Golden Yellow MIMETITE Sharp Shiny Crystals onMatrix China for sale
The mimetite crystals on this specimen are spread out over several sides of the piece and are colore..
3.2" Polished Red Brown FIRE AGATE +Iridescent Bubbles on Matrix Mexico for sale
This is a great specimen of fire agate in a chalcedony bird's nest matrix from Mexico. The iridescen..
.7" 13ct Terminated Grass Green PERIDOT Lustrous Gemmy Crystal Pakistan for sale
Here is a beautiful peridot crystal specimen in a gemmy grass green color. The crystal is well-shape..
1.2" 240ct Barrel Shape Maroon Red RUBY Sharp Double Terminated Crystal for sale
This fine ruby crystal comes from the famed diggings in the Mysore District in southern India, which..
4.13ct 8mm Natural Uncut Olive Green Octahedral DIAMOND CRYSTAL DRCongo FOR SALE
Here is a genuine diamond crystal weighing 1.5 carats. This specimen-quality gemstone (sorry, it can..
1.9" 45ct Rare Gem DIASPORE Sharp Terminated YellowGreen Crystal Turkey for sale
Here is a rare terminated gemmy crystal of diaspore from Turkey. Diaspore is an aluminum oxide hydro..
2.9" Kaleidoscope Colorful Rainbow BISMUTH Hoppered Crystals Germany for sale
In crystallography, growing crystals of certain elements and molecular compounds rapidly causes them..
2.3" ARTINITE Bright White Acicular Radiating Crystal Tufts onMatrix CA for sale
Artinite from California is some of the best found anywhere in the world, and this specimen is a ver..
13mm 6ct Rare JEREMEJEVITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Light Blue Namibia for sale
Here is a lustrous, classic blue crystal of jeremejevite from Namibia. Jeremejevite is only found in..