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1.8" Blue AZURITE Crystals w-Tiny Azurite Spheres +Malachite Milpillas for sale
Azurite from Milpillas is the finest available from anywhere in the world right now, and since the d..
3.7" 27g Gemmy Yellow COPAL AMBER +Insect Inclusions Inside Madagascar for sale
Here is a polished specimen of glowing, golden yellow copal amber, with several insects inside: a co..
2.8" 205ct Sharp Gemmy Baby Pink KUNZITE Spodumene Crystal Afghanistan for sale
This double-terminated crystal of kunzite is a delightful, pastel shade of lavender pink, with deepl..
2.6" ADAMITE Sparkly Shiny Vivid Yellow-Green Crystals on Matrix Mexico for sale
The yellowish green adamite crystals on this fine specimen sparkle and glisten in the light, making ..
5.5" GREEN PHANTOM FLUORITE Madagascar Sharp Cubic Crystals on Matrix for sale
This is a great specimen of the latest green fluorite that has come out of Madagascar, which was a b..
4.6" 3.6LB Sharp Reddish Brown ALMANDINE GARNET 12Sided Crystal Vietnam for sale
Here is an extra-large garnet crystal that is unusually well-formed and remarkably sharp for its siz..
3.5" Intricate Multi-Crystal Cluster Clear TIBETAN QUARTZ Himalaya Mtns for sale
This is a fine cluster with several terminated Tibetan quartz crystals, which was mined in the Himal..
2.3" Sharp Penetrating Twins PYRITE 3 Gold Cubic Crystals to 1.6" Spain for sale
Navajun pyrite crystals are known world-over for their sharp, nearly perfect cubic crystal habit. Th..
1.4" Terminated Blue AQUMARINE Crystals w-Jet Black TOURMALINE Namibia for sale
This lovely specimen of aquamarine with black tourmaline features excellent aesthetics and sharp cry..
3.1" Navy Blue AZURITE Crystals with Green Malachite Milpillas Mexico for sale
Here is a specimen of deep blue azurite, flanked by fibrous green malachite. There is a vug lined wi..
2.6" 5oz BrightShiny Metallic Silver Polished MOHAWKITE NUGGET Michigan for sale
From the type locality in Michigan, this is a brightly polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral ..
1.5" 85ct Rare Clear Gem PETALITE Sharp Lustrous Crystal Section Brazil for sale
This crystal section is a lovely clear, gemmy specimen of the rare lithium mineral petalite. This pi..
3.1" BLUE with PURPLE PHANTOM FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals Denton M IL for sale
This is a superb deep blue and violet phantom fluorite specimen with sharp penetrating twin crystals..
4.6" Sparkling PINK OPAL 233g Gem Rough Rich Rosy Color Acari Mine Peru for sale
Here is a specimen of pink opal from Peru. The color is a rich, rosy pink that is vivid and really e..
1.1" Sharp Glassy Deep Blue AZURITE Crystals on Matrix Milpillas Mexico for sale
The copper mine at Milpillas, Mexico earned its status as a modern classic by producing jewels of az..
2.7" Hoppered BISMUTH Crystals Shiny Metallic BlueMagentaSilver England for sale
The native element bismuth crystallizes in amazing hoppered shapes when it grows on a cooling melt. ..
6.3" COPROLITE Fossil Dinosaur Dung Odor Free! SharplyFormed Madagascar for sale
Here is a fossil coprolite (fossilized dinosaur poop) that probably came from a duck-billed dinosaur..
2.9" Blue +Purple PHANTOMS Cubic FLUORITE Crystals Sharp+Shiny Illinois for sale
This cluster of cubic fluorite crystals is colored a rich royal blue, with multiple purple phantoms ..
4" 136g Burmese NEPHRITE JADE Polished Slice Deep Vivid Green Myanmar for sale
These days, Burmese jade comes from Myanmar, which used to be named Burma. This is a polished slice ..
2.4" Indigo Blue AZURITE Crystals +Green Radiating MALACHITE Milpillas for sale
On this specimen, there is a rich combination of azurite and malachite, in bold, contrasting blue an..