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2.6" Shiny Near Perfect PYRITE CUBE Crystal in2.9" Matrix Navajun Spain for sale
This intriguing specimen features a large pyrite cube perched on a chunk of marl matrix. The cubic p..
5" DarkGreen Botryoidal MOTTRAMITE Sparkly Crystal Mounds Ojuela Mexico for sale
When mottramite was found at the Ojuela Mine in 2011, it took the mineral world by storm. Nothing as..
1.4" Rich Grass Green TSAVORITE GARNET Shiny Crystal Merelani Tanzania for sale
This is a large specimen of tsavorite garnet, featuring a rich, grass-like green color and shiny lus..
1.71ct 7.4mm Sharp Golden DIAMOND CRYSTAL Natural Uncut Gemstone Congo for sale
This is a genuine, 100% natural, uncut diamond crystal, crystallized as a rough dodecahedron, and co..
2.7" French BARITE Terminated Crystal Gemmy Deep Golden Yellow Auvergne for sale
This is a fine and good-sized terminated crystal of yellow-golden barite from Cote d'About in France..
3.9" PINK OPAL Rosy Blush w/Druzy Quartz Crystals over Stalactites Peru for sale
Here is a specimen of pink opal that comes from the Acari copper mining near Nazca. Pink Andean opal..
2.6" Wet Look GoldenYellow APATITE Terminated Crystals in Matrix Mexico for sale
Here is a matrix specimen with gem clear golden apatite crystals set in quartz and hematite.  T..
1" Sharp Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Quartz Crystal NY for sale
Here is a choicem rainbow-filled Herkimer diamond quartz crystal from Hickory Hill in New York. The ..
2.8" Elestial PINK ICE ROSE QUARTZ Heart of the Universe Crystal India for sale
The unusual name "Heart of the Universe" has been given to the amazing rose quartz crystals from thi..
2.3" Octahedral Black MAGNETITE 2 Crystals in Matrix to .8" Australia for sale
Here is a specimen of magnetite crystals in matrix that is very striking, due to the size and sharpn..
.9" Water Clear Terminated Gem HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Crystal New York for sale
This gem clear single Herkimer diamond quartz crystal is sharp and well formed all around. It is ter..
5.5" Dark Gray Green Botryoidal MOTTRAMITE Crystal Mounds Ojuela Mexico for sale
Up until mottramite was found at Mapimi in 2011, none had been found for over 20 years, since Tsumeb..
1.9" Interlocked Group with 2 Sharp Cubic PYRITE Crystals to 1.6" Spain for sale
Here is a grouping of 2 amazingly bright, extraordinarily sharp interlocking pyrite cubes that creat..
3.3" Sharp Octahedral Black MAGNETITE 1" Crystal to in Matrix Australia for sale
The large crystal on this specimen of magnetite from Australia is 1" across. It comes from a localit..
3" Sharp Lustrous Translucent GOLDEN BARITE Crystals with Gemmy Interior France
Here is a deep golden yellow barite crystal featuring parts of the interior that are transparent and..
1" Double Terminated GEM HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal w-Rainbows Fonda NY for sale
The diggings at Hickory Hill produce some of the clearest, most gem-perfect Herkimer diamonds around..
.8" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Gemmy Tabular Terminated Crystal AZ for sale
This is a sharp, tabular wulfenite crystalthat hails from the world famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizona..
1.8" 68 carat Yellow/Green Gem Clear DIASPORE Terminated Crystal Turkey for sale
Here is a specimen of diaspore that was found in Turkey. In sunlight, this crystal exhibits pleochro..
1" Electric Blue CYANOTRICHITE Fuzzy Hair-Like Crystals Grand View M AZ for sale
The cyanotrichite crystals on this specimen are like fine hairs, sticking up and out from the surfac..
1.78ct 7mm DIAMOND Twinned Cubic Greenish Crystals Congo Uncut Gemstone for sale
Here is a real diamond crystal weighing 1.78 carats. This specimen-quality gemstone (sorry, it can n..