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5.6" Poop Brown COPROLITE Fossil Dinosaur Dung Ugly But Rare Madagascar for sale
This is a fine specimen of coprolite from Madagascar. It has great detail and recognizable, slightly..
2.9" Blue Violet FLUORITE Sharp Penetrating Twin Crystals DentonMine IL for sale
This specimen of fluorite comes from the Denton Mine in Southern Illinois, which has been closed sin..
1.8" 451ct Cranberry Red Barrel Shape RUBY Dbl Terminated Crystal India for sale
This fine ruby crystal comes from the famed diggings in the Mysore District in southern India, which..
1.4" BOULDER OPAL Hot Flashes of Electric Green +Blue Violet Australia for sale
This is a lovely sample of boulder opal, a beautiful specimen from probably the world's best known o..
1.2" Sharp Lustrous Gemmy GOLDEN APATITE Fat Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Here is a superb single crystal of lemon-yellow apatite. The color is rich, and the crystal has exce..
1.1" Water Clear GEM HERKIMER DIAMOND DoublTerminated Quartz Crystal NY for sale
This fine Herkimer diamond quartz specimen is a gem clear, highly lustrous, razor sharp crystal. The..
2.1" Rich Rosy Pink RHODONITE Sharp Gemmy Crystals +PYRITE +GALENA Peru for sale
This rhodonite specimen is a very colorful example which displays a wonderful assemblage of sharp bl..
1.9" Mirror Bright Metallic Gold PYRITE CUBES Fine 2Crystal Group Spain for sale
Here is a gorgeous cluster of 2 very sharp and near-perfect interlocking, penetrating twin cubic cry..
2.4" Electric Green FIBROUS MALACHITE Brilliant Lustrous Crystals Congo for sale
The malachite crystals on this exquisite specimen are formed into lustrous, chatoyant radiating acic..
1.9" Radiating Green Acicular MALACHITE Crystals with Azurite Milpillas for sale
Here is a specimen of radiating acicular malachite that came out of the Milpillas Mine in 2008. This..
2.9" Colorful Blue-Violet FLUORITE Sharp Shiny Cubic Crystals Illinois for sale
This is a group of blue-violet fluorite crystals from the famed Denton Mine in southern Illinois. Th..
1.9" Blue AZURITE Crystals +Radiating Shiny Green Malachite Milpillas for sale
Milpillas azurite is the finest available from anywhere in the world right now, and since the deposi..
8mm 1.28ct Dark Yellow Cubic DIAMOND Crystal Uncut W.Kasai Prov. Congo for sale
This is a 100% natural, uncut diamond crystal, shaped partially as a dodecahedron, and colored an un..
2.7" Colorful Purple FLUORITE Sharply Stepped Cubic Crystals Illinois for sale
This is a great fluorite specimen from a classic locality: the world-famous Denton Mine. The Illinoi..
1" Tangerine Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Sharp Lustrous Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a gemmy 112 carat spessartine garnet collected in 2008 from the now-closed Nani Hill localit..
1.3oz HERKIMER DIAMONDS 40 Gem Clear Double Terminated Crystals to 1"NY for sale
Here is a parcel of 40 double terminated Herkimer diamond quartz crystals with a total weight of 1.2..
2.8" BISMUTH Bright Rainbow Kaleidoscope HopperedShiny Crystals Germany for sale
This lab-grown specimen of bismuth grew in a "hoppered" formation. The edges of hoppered crystals ar..
1.8" Lustrous GOLDEN BARITE Clear Terminated Crystal with Gemmy Interior France
Here is a French barite crystal from Auvergne that was mined by a French collector, who sold it to m..
40 Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMONDS 1.5oz Double Terminated Crystals to 1"NY for sale
Here are 40 double terminated Herkimer diamond quartz crystals with a total weight of 1.5 ounces. Th..
2.9" InterwovenMass of Yellow Transparent WULFENITE Crystals Glove M AZ for sale
The yellow-gold crystals on this specimen from the Glove Mine in Arizona are thin enough that you ca..