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.9" Water Clear See Through Gem HERKIMER DIAMOND Terminated Crystal NY for sale
This gem clear single Herkimer diamond quartz crystal is sharp and well-formed all around. It is sha..
2.1" Brilliant Shiny Silver Metallic MOLYBDENITE Rare Crystal Australia for sale
The shiny silver color of this molybdenite crystal is really attractive, as it flashes brightly in t..
2.1" 5oz Shiny Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget +Copper+Algodoite+Domeykite MI for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of copper, algodoite, a..
3.3" 136g PINK OPAL w-Sparkly Druzy Quartz Crystals +Palygorskite Peru for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of pink opal gem rough that comes from the Acari copper mining area near..
10.7" 4.3LB Red-Tan-White AGATE PETRIFIED WOOD Polished Slice Madagascr for sale
When petrified wood is sliced and polished, the results can be highly dramatic.  This is a grea..
16.3" Huge Book of Black BIOTITE MICA Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is a very large, lustrous crystal book of iron-rich midnight black biotite mica. The biotite is..
9.8" 3.9LB Blood Red PETRIFIED WOOD Polished Slice w-Bark Madagascar for sale
This is a polished slice of agatized petrified wood that is amazingly well preserved. The highly det..
2.8" Smooth Dark Green MOTTRAMITE Botryoidal Crystals onLimonite Mexico for sale
Up until mottramite was found at Mapimi in 2011, none had been found for over 20 years, since the Ts..
2.9" Naturally Magnetic LODESTONE MAGNETITE Metallic Gray +Filings Utah for sale
This is a naturally magnetic specimen of magnetite, also known as lodestone because of its magnetism..
3.2" Amazing Dagwood Sandwich Multiple Layers SELENITE Crystals Poland for sale
On this specimen the 4 layers of selenite crystals look like a Dagwood sandwich. Between the layers ..
2.8" Dark Cherry Red ARKANITE Sharp Pristine Wet-Look Crystals Poland for sale
You will be amazed by the rich, saturated, crimson red color of this fine example of arkanite on mat..
3.4" Rich Multi-Colored 3-Dimensional Hoppered BISMUTH Crystals Germany for sale
The brilliant blues, magentas, greens, and yellows on this specimen of bismuth are really eye-catchi..
1.2" Colorful Grass Green TSAVORITE GARNET Sharp Shiny Crystal Tanzania for sale
This is a large crystal of the rare gemstone, tsavorite garnet. The color is a lovely grassy green, ..
.9" Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Mother with Children Crystal New York for sale
This gem clear Herkimer diamond quartz crystal cluster is sharp and well-formed all around. The larg..
2" 227carat Dark Burgundy Red Sharp Hexagonal RUBY CRYSTAL Mysore India for sale
Until recently the famed diggings in Mysore, India produced many fine ruby crystals like this one. S..
14mm Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Gemmy Tabular Terminated Crystal AZ for sale
Here is a classic specimen of Red Cloud wulfenite crystals in a bright, colorful example. The crysta..
2.2" PRASE QUARTZ Crystals w-Green Actinolite Inclusions Serifos Greece for sale
Green quartz from Greece, called prase, has always been in high demand, and now that the remote site..
2.3" PYRITE CUBE Amazing Sharp Shiny Crystal Bright Brassy Gold Spain for sale
Here is a fine specimen of pyrite, crystallized as a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. Th..
1.5" Clear Lustrous Gemmy PETALITE Rare Radiant Crystal Section Brazil for sale
The lithium-rich pegmatite mineral petalite is rare and highly sought after by collectors. The piece..
3.9" Colorful Octahedral GREEN FLUORITE Crystals William Wise Mine NH for sale
This is an exceptional matrix specimen featuring bright green gemmy crystals of green fluorite on ma..