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1.7" Wet-Look DarkGreen Gem DIOPTASE Crystals to 5mm Terminated Namibia for sale
The Tantara Mine is one of several localities that is known for its richly colored deep green diopta..
3" Sharp Gemmy Baby Pink ROSE QUARTZ Actual Crystals on Matrix Brazil for sale
This very colorful specimen features baby pink, gemmy, terminated, high quality rose quartz crystals..
3.2" Cubic PYRITE CRYSTAL MirrorSurface Brassy MetalGold Navajun Spain for sale
This cubic crystal of pyrite is amazing: it is large (3.2" from tip-to-tip and 1.9" along the longes..
4.2" Vivid Deep Green Cubic FLUORITE Crystals White Phantoms Madagascar for sale
Here is a great specimen of the new green fluorite out of Madagascar. This piece features sharp, shi..
3.6" Lustrous Metal-Silver Pick-Up-Sticks Sharp STIBNITE Crystals China for sale
Here is a group of stibnite crystals which are a bright, shiny, metallic silver color with lots of f..
3.3" Weird "Sawn" GROWTH INTERFERENCE QUARTZ Crystal Dalnegorsk Russia for sale
Out in Tucson I bought some rare crystals of growth interference quartz from Dal'negorsk from a Russ..
2.1" Salt Crystal BLUE HALITE Vivid Color Zoning Inside Turkey New '20! for sale
Here is a Turkish halite crystal, which is good sized and pretty well formed. It is colored a vivid,..
6" Rich Blue Violet FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals to .5" Inner Mongolia for sale
This intriguing fluorite specimen features complex, dark blue-violet crystals to .5" covering a dark..
4.1" CUBIC PYRITE 5 Metallic Crystals to 2.8" in Cluster Navajun Spain for sale
This is an amazing grouping made up of 5 shiny & sharp cubic crystals of pyrite. The color is a ..
4.3" Flashy Metallic 7 Sharp Cubic PYRITE Crystals to2.5" Navajun Spain for sale
One cannot be anything but astounded by the near perfection of the 7 pyrite crystals in this group. ..
3.4" Transparent Gem Crystals Protrude All Over SELENITE BALL Winnipeg for sale
Here is an amazing specimen of selenite with sharp, gem-quality crystal sword-shaped blades radiatin..
1" Lime Green VESUVIANITE Sparkly Gemmy Crystals to .6" Asbestos Quebec for sale
The color of the vesuvianite on this specimen is an outrageous neon green and is especially intense ..
3.4" Deep Green FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals with Phantoms Madagascar for sale
Here is a piece from the 2020 Tucson Show: green fluorite from Madagascar. This was a big hit when i..
3.4" UVAROVITE Sparkling Emerald Green Crystals to 1mm on Matrix Russia for sale
The surface of this specimen is covered with tiny crystals of uvarovite garnet measuring up to 1mm, ..
8.7" Shiny Tabular SMOKY QUARTZ Gemmy Elestial Floater Crystals Brazil for sale
Here is a tabular smoky quartz crystal from Brazil.  It is only .8" thick at its thickest and h..
5.2" Clear Gem QUARTZ Crystal with Unusual YELLOW FLASH in Tip Brazil for sale
I was surprised and fascinated when I saw this unusual quartz crystal, because it has a yellow flash..
4.3" Orchid Lavender+Lime Green VESUVIANITE Sharp Shiny Crystals Quebec for sale
Here is an exquisite specimen of manganoan vesuvianite from Asbestos, Quebec, covered with 3mm purpl..
3.3" Gem Clear Golden SELENITE Crystal Ball Spiky On All Sides Winnipeg for sale
Here is a delightful floater specimen of selenite, featuring sharp, gemmy crystals with sword-tip te..
4.9" Rich RedOrange Needle Crystals of CROCOITE on Matrix Adelaide Mine for sale
On this very showy specimen the crocoite crystals are colored a flamboyant neon red-orange that is w..
4.5" Mirror Bright CUBIC PYRITE 17 Sharp Crystals to 2.1" Navajun Spain for sale
The amazing cubic pyrite crystals from Spain are considered to be the best in the world, and this is..