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1.8" Vivid Blue Phantoms Inside Clear Gem HALITE Cubic Crystal Turkey for sale
Here is a specimen of halite (more commonly known as salt!) that is a nearly complete cubic crystal...
1.8" 130g LAPIS LAZULI Intense Royal Blue Polished Freeform Afghanistan for sale
The history of lapis lazuli dates back to before 5,000 BC, when it was used as a precious gemstone b..
2.7" Sparkling Emerald Green UVAROVITE Twinkling Flashy Crystals Russia for sale
Here is a shimmering specimen of uvarovite garnet that is richly covered with twinkling crystals to ..
3.2" Luminous Golden Healer HERKIMER DIAMOND Sharp Clear Gem Crystal NY for sale
This large, clear, sharply terminated Herkimer Diamond is a Golden Healer, with touches of a lovely ..
2.4" Twinkle Sparkle Glittering UVAROVITE Emerald Green Crystals Russia for sale
The tiny little crystals on this glittering specimen of uvarovite garnet are so brightly reflective ..
3" Dazzling Flashy All Natural PYRITE CUBE Amazingly Sharp+Shiny Spain for sale
Here is a specimen of pyrite, formed into a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. The edges o..
1.4" White Stripe Turquoise Blue AMAZONITE Crystal Smoky Hawk Mine CO for sale
Here is a lovely example of white-striped amazonite from the 2019 Blue Moon Pocket at the Smoky Hawk..
3.8" FULGURITE Long Tan Melted Sand Tube from Lightning Strike Morocco for sale
This is an excellent specimen of fulgurite, a glass tube that was created when lightning struck in s..
2.7" MagentaViolet FLUORITE Sharp Shiny Cubic Crystal +Phantom Illinois for sale
This specimen of fluorite comes from the Denton Mine in Southern Illinois, which has been closed sin..
1.2" ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTALS Rare Terminated Sharp Pink & Gemmy Brazil for sale
Here is a fine specimen of light pink, gemmy, terminated rose quartz crystals, formed as a tightly-p..
4.0" Transparent GEM POLISHED QUARTZ with Rainbows Water Clear Brazil for sale
Here is a specimen of clear quartz, which has been shaped and polished into a lovely sculptural form..
2.9" Single PYRITE CUBE Big Sharp Crystal Mirror Bright BrassGold Spain for sale
This large single pyrite crystal is 2.9" from tip-to-tip, and 1.8" along the longest edge. The faces..
3.6" UVAROVITE Twinkling Emerald Green Crystals to 1mm on Matrix Russia for sale
This shimmering specimen of uvarovite garnet is covered with 1mm twinkling crystals in a brilliant, ..
3.1" Cubic PYRITE CRYSTAL MirrorSurface BrassyGold Color Navajun Spain for sale
This single cubic pyrite crystal is 3.1" from outside-tip-to-outside-tip, and 1.9" along the longest..
1.1" Terminated SULFUR CRYSTAL Rich Yellow Color w-Bitumen Sicily Italy for sale
Sulfur crystals with bitumen (think black tar) inclusions are very uncommon. This one, which was col..
4.2" Purple-Violet FLUORITE Sharp Penetrating Twin Crystals Denton M IL for sale
This is a classic cubic fluorite specimen from a long-closed locality: the world-famous Denton Mine...
1.2" Sharp Reddish PINK FLUORITE Crystal Geometric Octahedron Mongolia for sale
In 2019, the Huanggang Mine in Inner Mongolia produced some rare and amazing pink octahedral fluorit..
2.3" Strange Rare GROWTH INTERFERENCE QUARTZ Crystal w-"SawCuts" Russia for sale
This is an exceptional example of a very rare form of quartz: a growth interference crystal. The fas..
2.9" Near Perfect Metallic Gold PYRITE CUBE Smooth & Mirror Shiny Spain for sale
You can't help but be amazed by the near perfection of this large pyrite cube. The crystal is as sha..
1.2" Octahedral PINK FLUORITE Very Sharp Translucent Crystal Mongolia for sale
The color of this translucent fluorite crystal from Inner Mongolia is a rich, dusty rose pink. The o..