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1.8" Wildly Iridescent Red Orange AMMOLITE Fossil Ammonite Shell Canada for sale
You will love the flashy color on this brilliantly luminous specimen of ammolite, a varietal name fo..
1.3" 90.1ct Shiny Grass Green TSAVORITE GARNET V.Gemmy Crystal Tanzania for sale
The color of these lovely crystals of tsavorite garnet, a rare gemstone, is a vivid grass green, and..
.9" Bright Red-Orange Tabular WULFENITE CRYSTALS Red Cloud Mine Arizona for sale
The classic Red Cloud Mine in Arizona is closed again, after a recent attempt to reopen. This is a n..
2.1" ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystal with Water+Anthraxolite Inclusions China for sale
This is a large, doubly terminated "enhydro" quartz crystal with water and black anthraxolite inside..
6.2" Shaggy Fibrous Angel Hair CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Eden Mills Vermont for sale
This chrysotile asbestos specimen features fibrous, hair-like crystals that are thin and fuzzy, and ..
1.9" SeeThru Gemmy HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Quartz Crystal NY for sale
This is a large 1.9" Herkimer diamond crystal from the Hickory Hill Diamond Mine. It is double termi..
3.4" Mirror-Faced AZURITE Sharp Terminated Rich Blue Crystals Milpillas for sale
Here is a Milpillas azurite specimen with acicular green silky malachite crystals. The dark blue col..
3.2" Brassy Gold PYRITE 2 Cubic XSharp Crystals to 1.4" on Matrix Spain for sale
Here is a very aesthetic specimen of cubic pyrite crystals in the creamy marl matrix they grew in. T..
1" CYANOTRICHITE Neon Blue Hairy Crystals Mined in Grand Canyon in1970s for sale
Mined in the 1970s, the cyanotrichite crystals on this specimen are like fine hairs, sticking up and..
5.2" Deep Red Lustrous REALGAR Large Terminated Crystals on Matrix Peru for sale
The overall impression created by the piece is very dramatic-the intense, deep ruby red color draws ..
4.1" Green ALUM SharpGemmy Octahedral Crystals to 2.1" Poland Lab Grown for sale
The two large octahedral alum crystals on this piece are up to 2" across, and are gemmy and highly s..
2.6" Cherry Red ARKANITE Sharp Gemmy Wet-Look Crystals to 1.3" Poland for sale
The color of the crystals on this lab-grown specimen of arkanite is a rich cherry red, which is real..
1.9" Vintage Black BABINGTONITE Sharp Crystals Peabody MA State Mineral for sale
This is an historic specimen of the rare mineral babingtonite, from a long-closed quarry in Peabody,..
3" Flashing Intense Navy Blue AZURITE CRYSTALS w-Green Malachite Mexico for sale
The rich electric-blue color of this azurite is really exciting, and the flashy crystals grew on the..
3.6" Glassy Saturated Blue AZURITE Crystals +MALACHITE Milpillas Mexico for sale
Mexico's Milpillas Mine has finished mining the last of the oxidized zone that produced these world-..
16mm Red Orange WULFENITE Shiny Colorful Crystal Red Cloud Mine Arizona for sale
Here is a lustrous wulfenite crystal that came out of the world-famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizona in ..
1.5" PYRITE CUBE RazorSharp Flashy Crystal on 2.6" Matrix Navajun Spain for sale
This intriguing specimen features a near perfect, complete pyrite cube that is 1.5" from tip-to-tip ..
2.1" Lemon Yellow Terminated APATITE CRYSTALS to .8" on Matrix Durango Mexico
There are over a dozen apatite crystals on this fine matrix specimen, and all are a bright golden ye..
2.8" Flashy Metallic GOLDEN PYRITE Sharp Pyritohedral Crystal Tanzania for sale
Merelani Hills is renowned as the world's only location for tanzanite crystals, but pyrite from this..
2.6" Pink DANBURITE Crystal w-Wide Sharp Chisel Tip Termination Mexico for sale
This is a sharp danburite crystal from the world-famous Aurora Mine in Mexico. The crystal transitio..