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.9" Sharp Lustrous Clear Gemmy GOLDEN APATITE Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Here is a partly gem clear single crystal of lemon yellow apatite. The color is very bright, and the..
1.4" 48ct YellowGreen Dichroic DIASPORE Sharp Terminated Crystal Turkey for sale
This crystal, which comes from the well-known locality in Menderes, Yatagan-Mugla, Turkey, is a love..
19mm 29.7ct Cranberry Red 6-Ray STAR RUBY Oval Gem Cabochon Sri Lanka for sale
This gemstone is a star ruby cabochon that features a rich cranberry red color and bright polished l..
3" 45g Glowing Golden COPAL AMBER with Insects Miocene Era Madagascar for sale
Here is a large 45 gram specimen of real copal amber from Madagascar's Cap d'Ambre. The piece is col..
6.2" Clear-White SELENITE Fine PorcupineNeedle Crystal Sprays Australia for sale
This dramatic specimen of selenite has radiating needle-like crystals as well as sword-tip shaped cr..
3.6" Black MAGNETITE 5 Octahedral Crystals to .8" in Matrix Australia for sale
This specimen is a delightful example of magnetite crystals in matrix. It comes from the TK mine, Yi..
2" Shiny Brassy Gold PYRITE SharpPenetratingTwin Crystals Navajun Spain for sale
Who can resist the amazing pyrite cubes from Navajun, with their interlocking cubic crystals that fl..
1.4" Clear Gemmy HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Cluster 2 Crystals to 1.3" NY for sale
Here is a nicely sculptural pair of 2 twinned Herkimer Diamonds to 1.3" from Hickory HIll in Fonda, ..
3.3" Clear ENHYDRO QUARTZ Terminated Crystal with 2Moving Bubbles China for sale
Here is an clear and beautiful example of enhydro quartz, with several liquid-filled pockets with ai..
5.2" Silvery Gray NATIVE GRAPHITE Slippery Feel Writes Like a Pencil MA for sale
Here is a specimen of the native element graphite that is very slippery to the touch (some say greas..
2.3" 5oz Shiny SilverCopper Polished Rare MOHAWKITE Nugget UP Michigan for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian copper, alg..
1.7" PYRITE Complex Brilliant Shiny Crystal w-Multiple Habits Tanzania for sale
Here is a sharp, complex pyrite crystal which combines pyritohedral, cubic, octahedral, and trapezoh..
1.1" Water Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Terminated Crystal +Anthraxolite NY for sale
The Hickory Hill Diamond Mine in Fonda, NY produces many beautiful, clear, Herkimer diamonds, and th..
4.2" Brilliant Red REALGAR Sharp Crystals w-Quartz+Pyrite+Galena Peru for sale
This specimen of realgar from the Paloma mine features an interesting combination of minerals: under..
2" Spanish CUBIC PYRITE Penetrating Twin Flashy Golden Crystals Navajun for sale
This group of 3 penetrating twin cubic crystals is a fine example of Spanish pyrite from the world's..
2" 7.5oz Bright Metallic Polished SilveryGold MOHAWKITE NUGGET Michigan for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian  coppe..
3.8" Rare Amphibole Variety ANTHOPHYLLITE BlueGray Fibers Massachusetts for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of anthophyllite, a rare asbestos variety, featuring long blue-gray fi..
1.1" Double Terminated HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal Bursting w-Rainbows NY for sale
Here is a gemmy, rainbow-filled Herkimer diamond (a quartz crystal on steroids!) from Herkimer Count..
1.3" 165ct Cranberry Red Barrel Shape RUBY Double Terminated Crystal for sale
This is a sharply crystallized ruby crystal from Mysore, India. The main hexagonal crystal is termin..
3.8" Metallic Silver SKUTTERUDITE Brilliant Crystals Cobalt Ore Morocco for sale
This is a brilliant, flashy, showy specimen of the rare nickel-cobalt arsenide mineral skutterudite,..