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4.7" Turquoise Blue Polished CHRYSOCOLLA w-MALACHITE Underlayer Congo for sale
Chrysocolla from the Congo is the best material available these days, and polished pieces like this ..
3.4" Turquoise Blue Polished CHRYSOCOLLA w-Malachite+Heterogenite Congo for sale
Here's a gorgeous and brightly colored free form specimen of polished chrysocolla. It has a smooth, ..
5.3" Multi+Double Terminated Gray CALCITE Dogtooth Crystals Missouri for sale
Here is a very 3-dimensional specimen: a sharp, gray calcite crystal from the Brushy Creek Mine in M..
4.5" Madagascar Gemmy Shiny GREEN FLUORITE with DarkGreen Phantom Edges for sale
Here is a fine example of the new green fluorite out of Madagascar, the first significant fluorite t..
2.3" PHANTOM FLUORITE from Kentucky Yellow Phantoms Inside Blue-Violet for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of phantom fluorite from Kentucky, and it is amazing! The outside has a ..
2.9" Metallic Black HEMATITE "KIDNEY ORE" Botryoidal Crystals Morocco for sale
Brightly lustrous specimens of hematite that form as large bubbles, like those on this specimen, are..
4.9" Shiny POLISHED CHRYSOCOLLA Colorful TurquoiseBlue Botryoidal Congo for sale
This specimen features a sea of bright turquoise polished botryoidal bubbles of chrysocolla, with a ..
1.6" Bi-Color TOURMALINE Gemmy Terminated Crystal in Feldspar Pakistan for sale
Here is a lovely, lustrous, transparent .7" green elbaite tourmaline crystal with a complex trigonal..
1.4" 2Tone Green ELBAITE TOURMALINE Terminated Crystal in Clear Quartz Pakistan
This is a beautiful tri-color green tourmaline crystal that is dark green for half of its length, th..
4.1" Violet Elestial AMETHYST SCEPTER w-SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal Zimbabwe for sale
For some reason, you almost never see elestial jacare crystals that are amethyst (they are usually s..
5.1" 275g Red RUBY Crystals in Green ZOISITE Polished Slab Tanzania for sale
This is an excellent specimen of polished Tanzanian ruby in zoisite. It features gorgeous crimson re..
3.2" Shiny Metallic COPPER-SILVER HALFBREED Crystals Quincy M Michigan for sale
This is an old-time copper-silver specimen from the Upper Michigan peninsula, a combination that has..
4.8" Rich Orange GMELENITE +Sparkly NATROLITE New Find from New Jersey for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of pristine, very sharp gmelenite crystals which are colored a strikin..
5.3" CHALCOPYRITE SparklyIridescent Magenta Turquoise Gold Crystals MO for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of rainbow chalcopyrite from Missouri's Brushy Creek Mine.  The ran..
3.3" Extra Sharp & Shiny White MICROCLINE Feldspar Crystal Pakistan for sale
Here is a large, lustrous single microcline crystal that is unusually sharp. The color is a highly l..
4.4" Sharp Brassy Gold CUBANITE Twin Crystals to 1.2" on Matrix Quebec for sale
This is a very rare matrix specimen of cubanite, with crystals to 1.2". Besides the 2 large crystals..
4.1" 627g Light Apple Green BOWENITE Serpentine Gem Rough Rhode Island for sale
This is a fine piece of fine grained bowenite gem rough. The bowenite is colored a lovely light appl..
4.4" Very Rare Translucent White CRYOLITE Crystalline Chunk Greenland for sale
Here is a specimen of anhedral cryolite from the historic Ivigtut cryolite deposit in Greenland. Cry..
4" Shiny Dark Green VESUVIANITE Sharp Geometric Crystals Sanford Maine for sale
Here's a great specimen featuring large, well-formed vesuvianite crystals on matrix from the classic..
4.7" Super Saturated Green Nephrite JADE Polished Slice Myanmar Burma for sale
Here is a polished 194-gram slice of jade, variety nephrite. This specimen of gem rough comes from M..