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3.3" DoubleTerminated Phantom SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal ex-Pete Samuelson NH for sale
This is a great specimen of smoky quartz from Moat Mountain. This piece is part of the Ernie Schlich..
4.3" Tan+Brown RHODOCHROSITE +Black Aegerine+White Analcime MSH Quebec for sale
Here's a large, self-collected specimen of tan and brow rhodochrosite with shiny black aegerine as n..
1.9" Lush Rich Red-Violet VILLIAUMITE Gemmy Crystals on Matrix Russia for sale
Here is a superb specimen of rich, red-violet villiaumite crystals on matrix. The crystals are trean..
3.4" MetallicGold PYRITE Crystals 2Complete Sharp Cubes in Matrix Spain for sale
Here is a superb specimen with 2 large pyrite cubes perched on a chunk of marl matrix. The cubic pyr..
4.6" BlueGreen PenetratingTwin FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals Rogerley M for sale
Here is a fine cabinet size specimen of fluorite from the Rogerley Mine in northern England.  T..
7.8" 1.5LB 706g Plum Purple SUGILITE Solid 100% Gem Rough South Africa for sale
Top quality sugilite gem rough is very rare now, since no new material has been found in decades. Th..
1.9" Psychedelic Neon Blue-Green Iridescent Fossil GEM AMMOLITE Alberta for sale
You will be amazed by the shimmering, flashy colors on this brilliantly luminous specimen of ammolit..
3.3" Group of Rich Mossy Green PREHNITE Bubbly Botryoidal Crystals Mali for sale
Here is an aesthetic and sculptural specimen of prehnite, featuring rich green botryoidal prehnite b..
1.5" Deep Violet-Purple VILLIAUMITE Rare Crystals Not Cleavage Russia for sale
Here is a superb specimen of purple-violet villiaumite crystals with white natrolite. The crystals a..
4.1" 354g Vivid Plum Purple SUGILITE Solid 100% Gem Rough South Africa for sale
This sugilite gem rough has a lovely dark purple color,with stripes of a lighter lavender, and is a ..
6.1" Clear Terminated GENERATOR QUARTZ CRYSTAL Sharp Termination Brazil for sale
Here is a very large clear quartz crystal with a sharp point and smooth faces. The quartz is bright ..
1.6" AZURITE with Green MALACHITE PSEUDO Replacement Crystals Milpillas for sale
Here is a fascinating example of a MIlpilllas azurite and malachite. The azurite crytals are dark bl..
2.2" NavyBlue BOLEITE 5 Shiny Crystals on Matrix Baja California Mexico for sale
Boleite is a highly sought-after and very rare silver species that only occurred at the Amelia Mine ..
4.6" Riveting BlueGreen Gemmy Glassy FLUORITE Crystals Rogerley Mine UK for sale
Here is a choice large cabinet size specimen of blue green fluorite from the Rogerly Mine. The cubic..
3.1" Brilliant Brassy Golden PYRITE Sharp Cubic Crystals to 2.6" Peru for sale
Pyrite specimens are not uncommon, but pieces like this one with large, sharp crystals and brilliant..
2.3" High-Contrast Mint Green Botryoidal PREHNITE on Black EPIDOTE Mali for sale
This is a fine specimen of prehnite on epidote from the Kayes Region of Mali. The prehnite has grown..
2.7" Magenta Rose Rubellite TOURMALINE Crystals in Milky Quartz Brazil for sale
On this specimen colorful magenta-pink tourmaline crystals shoot through a white milky quartz matrix..
2.5" Seafoam Green CUPRIAN ADAMITE Druzy Crystals on Limonite Mexico for sale
Cuprian adamite is the copper-rich cousin of the ususal yellow-green adamite. The color on this one ..
3.5" Brassy Gold Mirror Bright Cubic PYRITE Crystal Group to 2.8" Spain for sale
Here is an amazing specimen that is a tight cluster of 3 near-perfect, interlocking pyrite cubes to ..
.7" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Gemmy Tabular Terminated Crystal AZ for sale
Wulfenite from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona is famous for its brilliant red-orange color, and this ..