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2.2" PYROMORPHITE Sharp Apple Green Crystals Set on Dark Matrix Morocco for sale
The apple green pyromorphite crystals on this specimen stand out in high contrast against the dark b..
9 CUBIC PYRITE Crystals to 3" Bright Shiny Golden Group Navajun Spain for sale
Spanish pyrite from a mine in the tiny town of Navajun is world famous for its sharp, nearly perfect..
7.2" Polished Orange COPPER SPLASH +Vibrant Blue Green Patina Michigan for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of splash copper, which is formed by pouring molten copper onto a smooth s..
3.8" White Andalusite Flowers in CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE Not Painted China for sale
There are three white andalusite flowers in this specimen of chrysanthemum stone from China's Hunan ..
3.3" DISCO BALL APOPHYLLITE Gem Green Crystal Mounds on Stilbite India for sale
In 2013, a well was being dug at Rahuri when a large pocket was encountered. Like two previous wells..
2" Golden Yellow GOLDEN APATITE 2 Lustrous Terminated Crystals Mexico for sale
Glassy and gemmy, this pair of fluorapatite crystals has a lovely yellow coloration, with a hint of ..
3.7" JuicyWet Emerald Green UVAROVITE Twinkly Sparkling Crystals Russia for sale
Hold this specimen in the sun or a bright light and you will not believe the dazzling display of twi..
3.5" ANDRADITE GARNET var.Topazolite Good Crystals StanleyButte Arizona for sale
Topazolite is the varietal name for olive green andradite garnet, and this specimen is a beauty. The..
4.7" Fascinating DRIP COPPER ShinyOrange Branching Coral Shape Michigan for sale
This drippy piece of copper is highly aesthetic and visually amazing. The color is a brilliant orang..
4.5" Gemmy PINK CALCITE Colorful Wedge-Shaped Crystals Dao Zhu China for sale
Here is an attractive specimen of pink calcite from China, featuring wedge shaped crystals to almost..
3.4" Double Refracting Water Clear ICELAND SPAR Polished Rhomb Brazil for sale
This polished gem calcite rhombohedron is water-clear, making it easy to see it perform the  tr..
4.5" 2LB Very Sculptural 3-Dimensional Bright Metallic COPPER NUGGET MI for sale
Natural copper nuggets of this large size are occasionally found in the copper veins in Michigan. Th..
6.8" Stalactite CHALCEDONY PSEUDOMORPH after Fossil Coral Head Georgia for sale
Here is a beautiful geode specimen of chalcedony, which is fossilized after coral. The chalcedony ha..
4.7" Colorful Raspberry Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Sparkly Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a cobaltoan calcite specimen in an intensely colorful, raspberry sherbet pink that is super ..
2.3" ElectricBlue CHALCANTHITE Crystals Natural NotLabGrown Planet M AZ for sale
Naturally occurring chalcanthite like this specimen from the Planet Mine is in high demand, primaril..
3.4" Sharp GoldenOrange Bipyramidal WULFENITE Crystals +MIMETITE Mexico for sale
This is a fine specimen of wulfenite which has crystallized in the rare bipyramidal crystal habit. T..
3.3" Botryoidal BRUCITE Shiny Colorful Lemon Yellow Crystals Pakistan for sale
This brucite comes from the recent finds in 2017 in Pakistan, which has produced specimens that are ..
4" Lustrous Gemmy Emerald Green ALUM Crystals to 1.8" on Matrix Poland for sale
This gorgeous alum crystal group is an attention grabbing emerald green color. The crystals are octa..
1.8" 31g Polished CHRYSOPRASE Gem Rough Vivid Turquoise Green Australia for sale
Chrysoprase is an apple green, cryptocrystalline variety of a silica (quartz) that is used as a gem ..
9mm Sharp Shiny Metallic BIXBYITE Crystal in 2.3" Rhyolite Matrix Utah for sale
Here is a chunk of light tan rhyolite which hosts a large 9 mm bixbyite crystal.  The crystal i..