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.8" Sharp Pale Blue Gem JEREMEJEVITE Terminated Crystal 1.35ct Namibia for sale
This is a fine crystal of the very rare aluminum borate mineral jeremejevite. The 19mm crystal is ge..
1.8" 62ct Lt Green GEM HIDDENITE Natural Terminated Crystal Afghanistan for sale
The light, minty green color of this specimen of hiddenite is delightful. The crystal is 1.8" long, ..
3.1" Pristine Sharp Dark Red ARKANITE Showy Lustrous Crystals Poland for sale
You will be amazed by the rich, saturated, crimson red color of this fine example of arkanite. ..
2.2" Shiny Yellow-Green ADAMITE Sharp Crystal Mounds on Limonite Mexico for sale
The yellow (with a hint of green) adamite crystals on this fine specimen sparkle and glisten in the ..
3.7" Purple FLUORITE with Clear BARITE Crystals Minerva Mine Illinois for sale
The Minerva Mine was a classic source for well-crystallized specimens of fluorite with barite, and t..
9.2" Clear & Pink NATROLITE X-Sharp Porcupine Needle Crystals Argentina for sale
The natrolite from this locality in Argentina is arguably the best in the world.  This complex ..
2.0" Neon Turquoise Blue SPIRIT AQUA AURA Quartz Crystals South Africa for sale
Here is a terminated single crystal of spirit aqua aura quartz in a luminous turquoise blue color. T..
2" Lustrous SMOKY QUARTZ Terminated Crystals on MICROCLINE Moat Mtn NH for sale
This is a fine specimen of smoky quartz from Moat Mountain. It is part of the Ernie Schlichter colle..
1.0" Sharp Sunshine Yellow APATITE Terminated Crystal w-Rainbows Mexico for sale
Here is a superb single crystal of lemon yellow apatite. The color is very bright, and the crystal h..
5.5" Lilac Lavender PURPLE SMITHSONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystal Mexico for sale
The color on this specimen of smithsonite is a pale lilac purple, and the bubbly botryoidal form is ..
1.0" Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Cluster 10 Twinned Crystals NY for sale
This is a Herkimer diamond crystal cluster from the Hickory Hill Diggings in Fonda, NY made up of ge..
2.2" Lustrous Dark OliveGreen EPIDOTE Pseudo Hexagonal Crystal Pakistan for sale
This specimen comes from the May, 2011 unearthing of tabular epidote crystals at the Raywoo Mine, a ..
2.6" Light BLUE FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Gemmy Crystal Cleavage Illinois for sale
This is a fine fluorite octahedron from the Denton Mine. The fluorite has been cleaved along its nat..
12 PYRITE CUBES to 2.9" in Complex Sculptural 3-D Crystal Group Navajun Spain
Here is an amazing specimen that is a tight cluster of 12 near-perfect, interlocking pyrite cubes to..
6.2" Purple Violet FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals Minerva Mine Illinois for sale
Here is a fine cubic fluorite specimen from a classic locality: the world-famous Minerva #1 Mine. Th..
3.9" 2.1LB Red Orange Gleaming Metallic COPPER NUGGET Polished Michigan for sale
This is a copper nugget from Michigan that is a bright-as-a-new-penny red-orange copper color. The p..
2.5" 9.4oz Bright Shiny MOHAWKITE Nugget +Copper Algodoite Domeykite MI for sale
Mohawkite is a blend of copper and two other rare minerals: algodoite and domeykite. This polished n..
1.2" Lustrous Translucent Yellow SULFUR Colorful Gemmy Crystal Sicily for sale
Here is a gemmy yellow sulfur crystal from the famed Cianciana mine in Sicily. Since the mine closed..
4.2" Multi-Color RAINBOW FLUORITE Polished Wand Blue-Green-Purple China for sale
Here is a specimen of rainbow-colored fluorite which has been shaped and polished into a double term..
13mm 5.5ct Gem EMERALD CRYSTAL Vivid Green Pristine Terminated Colombia for sale
This gem clear emerald crystal features a very sharply formed hexagonal shape. It has a flat, smooth..