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4" PYRITE Cluster 7 Brilliant Razor Sharp Cubic Crystals to 1.7" Spain for sale
It is hard to believe that this pyrite specimen is not man-made, but it isn't: it's 100% natural. Th..
2.6" HERKIMER DIAMONDS 3 Golden Healer Crystals with Rainbows New York for sale
The Herkimer diamonds in this breathtaking cluster are water clear crystals that are sharply double ..
4" UVAROVITE Vivid EmeraldGreen 2mm Twinkling Crystals on Matrix Russia for sale
Uvarovite is the name given to the green calcium chromium garnet end member. The Saranovskii localit..
1.3" Glassy Terminated Sharp ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTALS Pink and Gemmy Brazil for sale
This colorful specimen features baby pink, gemmy, terminated, high quality rose quartz crystals. The..
4.5" Lightning Strike Glassy Melted Sand FULGURITE DarkTan Tube Morocco for sale
Specimens of fulgurite are always fascinating, because they are caused by a lightning strike in sand..
2.2" Flashy Blue LAZULITE Crystals w-Siderite+Quartz Rapid Creek Yukon for sale
Lazulite is the premiere mineral from the now-closed Rapid Creek phosphate deposits. This is a super..
3.1" Rich GumDrop GREEN FLUORITE Cleaved Octahedron Crystal Hunan China for sale
The gum drop green color of this fluorite octahedron is exceptionally rich, and the smooth surfaces ..
4.1" TurquoiseBlueMagentaGold RAINBOW CHALCOPYRITE Crystals +Matrix MO for sale
This eye-catching chalcopyrite specimen features sparkling iridescent chalcopyrite crystals in flash..
2.9" Hoppered Pink Sherbet Pastel Rose HALITE Salt Crystals V.Sharp CA for sale
This is a striking specimen of pink halite, more commonly called salt!  This lovely piece came ..
4.7" Flashy Iridescent Neon Blue & Gold Polished LABRADORITE Madagascar for sale
Labradorite is best known for the iridescent neon colors it gives off when viewed from the right ang..
1.4" CHRYSOBERYL SharpShiny Yellow Green Crystal on Taramite Madagascar for sale
Here is a rare chrysoberyl specimen, featuring a vibrant yellow-green crystal in a nearly black tara..
4.9" Vivid YELLOW ICELAND SPAR Double Refracting Calcite Crystal Mexico for sale
This rhombohedral crystal cleavage of Iceland spar is an unusually colorful yellow and is a highly a..
5.3" GEM POLISHED QUARTZ Water Clear Transparent with Rainbows Brazil for sale
This is a specimen of clear quartz, which has been shaped and polished into a lovely sculptural form..
5.7" Terminated Multiple Phantoms Vivid RAINBOW FLUORITE WAND Polished for sale
This terminated wand is a polished fluorite piece that was created out of amazingly colorful phantom..
2.8" 210ct Polished AMETRINE Slice PurpleAmethyst YellowCitrine Bolivia for sale
Here is a lovely, colorful polished slice of ametrine, showing the bright colors and high contrast t..
1.9" Gemmy Neon Green Octahedral FLUORITE Shiny Gemmy Crystals S.Africa for sale
The fluorite crystals on this outstanding specimen of electric green fluorite are super sharp octahe..
1.8" Sharp ADULARIA Crystals with Moss Green Clinochlore Switzerland for sale
Here is an excellent, sharp cluster of adularia in classical crystal form with richly colored inclus..
1.3" 162ct DarkGreen ALEXANDRITE Well-Formed Crystals+Sixlings Zimbabwe for sale
Here is a well-formed group of alexandrite crystals that is colored a dark blue green color. The cry..
1.6" Lustrous Sharp &Gemmy SULFUR Pristine Crystals on Aragonite Sicily for sale
Some of the most desirable sulfur specimens are associated with white aragonite, as this one from th..
1.7" Wet-Look DarkGreen Gem DIOPTASE Crystals to 5mm Terminated Namibia for sale
The Tantara Mine is one of several localities that is known for its richly colored deep green diopta..