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3.3" Jello Blue Sharp Cubic FLUORITE Crystals with Barite Bingham NM for sale
The crystals on this piece of blue fluorite are sharply-formed cubes and the color is a rich royal b..
6.1" Polished Shining Orange-Red and Blue-Green SPLASH COPPER Michigan for sale
Here is a specimen of splash copper, an artistic piece made using native copper from Michigan. The f..
1" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Tabular Terminated Red-Orange Crystal for sale
Here is a sharp, tabular wulfenite crystal that hails from the world famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizon..
1.8" Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals w-Actinolite Inclusions Serifos Greece for sale
This is an aesthetic specimen of green quartz (called prase quartz) from the old classic locality on..
18mm 10.3ct Gem Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Crystal +Internal Sparkles Brazil for sale
This is a fine gem crystal of the prized form of topaz known as imperial topaz, named for the Russia..
3.7" Brassy Gold PYRITE 3 XSharp Cubic Crystals to 1.4" on Matrix Spain for sale
This is an intriguing specimen of cubic pyrite featuring 3 crystals on/in the creamy white marl matr..
4.3" See Thru Gem Golden AMBER w-Insects in Fossil Tree Sap Madagascar for sale
Here is a large 45 gram specimen of petrified copal amber which comes from the world-famous amber di..
3.9" FADEN QUARTZ Fat White Line of Bubbles Down the Middle Pakistan for sale
This is a faden quartz crystal, with sharp, unusually wide white lines down the middle sections of t..
6.4" Vivid Royal Blue KYANITE Crystals Embedded in Milky Quartz Brazil for sale
This highly representative specimen of blue kyanite has many fine blades, some up to over 3". The ly..
2.1" 375ct LightLilacPink KUNZITE Double Terminated Crystal Afghanistan for sale
Here is a lovely double terminated, gemmy crystal of kunzite, a colorful form of spodumene. It is a ..
1.2" 28ct Translucent Green Gem MOLDAVITE Meteorite Impact Glass Czech for sale
The moldavite on this 28 carat specimen is gem quality, and it features deep channels and furrows se..
3.4" Double Terminated ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystal w-Moving Air Bubble China for sale
Here is an intriguing example of enhydro quartz, featuring a liquid-filled pocket with an air bubble..
4.6" Plum Purple Cubic FLUORITE Crystals Sharp and Shiny Muzquiz Mexico for sale
The Muzquiz locality in Chihuahua, Mexico has produced some of the most stunning cubic purple fluori..
2.2" Jade Green PRASE QUARTZ Cluster Terminated Crystals Serifos Greece for sale
This is a highly sculptural, fine quality specimen of sage green quartz (prase) from Serifos Island...
3.9" Striated Yellow-Gray WELOGANITE Fine Sharp Crystals to8mm Montreal for sale
Weloganite is a rare phosphate, which has only been found in good crystals at the Francon Quarry in ..
3.6" Moveable Air Bubble in Water Inside ENHYDRO QUARTZ CRYSTAL China for sale
This is a sharp, doubly-terminated quartz crystal with a moveable bubble suspended in liquid that wa..
1.7" Fruity Orange SCHEELITE Octahedral Crystal Wet-Look Luster China for sale
This choice specimen is composed of a sharp octahedral crystal of scheelite with a smaller outrider ..
2.7" 323g Metallic Nickel Iron NanDan METEORITE China Witness Fall 1516 for sale
This nickel-iron meteorite weighs 11.4 ounces, nearly three-quarters of a pound. The surface is smoo..
3.9" Sharp Clear Double-Terminated ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystal Sichuan China for sale
This is a large, doubly-terminated quartz crystal with several bubbles suspended in liquid that were..
4.9" Lustrous Coral Shape DRIP COPPER Bright Metallic Crystals Michigan for sale
Here is a dramatic and beautiful specimen of bright, shiny native copper, weighing jsut over 2 pound..