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6.5mm 1.1ct Sharp Gem Magenta RED BERYL Bixbite Terminated Crystal UT for sale
Here is a lovely double terminated crystal of gemmy red beryl (bixbite) from Utah, with a bit of whi..
2.6" Vibrant Wet-Look Emerald Green DIOPTASE Crystals to .5" Kazakhstan for sale
Here is a very colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan that is a rich emerald green. Many of the ..
1.8" Lustrous Metallic DarkSilver CUPRITE Sharp Crystals to 1.1" Russia for sale
This is a fine cluster of cuprite crystals, the largest of which is 1.1" across. This piece came fro..
3.2" Orange-Red-Clear CREEDITE Cluster of Glittery Crystal Balls Mexico for sale
This is a super specimen of creedite, featuring bright orange, red and clear crystals that form spik..
7.9mm 1.5ct RedViolet Shiny Terminated RED BERYL Bixbite Gem Crystal UT for sale
Here is a razor-sharp, exquisitely terminated crystal of gemmy red beryl (bixbite). The crystal is t..
4.5" 205g Lavender SUGILITE Gem Rough with Violet Streaks South Africa for sale
Here is a specimen of sugilite gem rough in a rich lavender color with streaks of darker violet. The..
19.3mm STAR DIOPSIDE 4-Point Star in Black Polished Cabachon Sri Lanka for sale
This is a 2.1ct cabochon gemstone of black star diopside, featuring a 4-pointed star that is straigh..
6.3" TurquoiseBlue CELESTITE GEODE Lined w-Pristine Crystals Madagascar for sale
This celestite geode is lined inside with flashy sky blue crystals. The crystals are gem clear and v..
2.9" ATACAMITE Dark Crayon Green Crystals w-Brilliant Luster Australia for sale
Dark crayon green is the color of the crystals on this very showy specimen of atacamite from Austral..
2.3" Shiny Blue AZURITE Crystals with Green Malachite Milpillas Mexico for sale
The azurite crystal on this specimen is .6" tall, and it is sharp and nicely terminated, with smooth..
5.2" Spiky Radiating Needle Balls of SELENITE Sharp Crystals Australia for sale
Here is a superb selenite specimen, featuring round globular groups of clear crystals mostly coverin..
6.1" Well Defined DINOSAUR FOOTPRINT w-3 Claws on 7.3" Shale Granby MA for sale
Here is a sharply defined track of a grallator dinosaur, dating back over 200 million years to the e..
9.5mm 1.3ct Gem RED BERYL Bixbite Crystal Saturated Deep Red Color Utah for sale
This crystal is a sharp, exquisite, terminated crystal of gemmy red beryl (bixbite). The crystal is ..
6.7" DINOSAUR FOOTPRINT Genuine Positive Track in Shale Massachusetts for sale
This footprint was made over 200 million years ago by a dinosaur that crossed what was then a mud fl..
2.2" Brilliant Black SCHORL TOURMALINE Multi-Terminated Crystal Namibia for sale
This is an outstanding black schorl tourmaline from Namibia.  The crystal has a trigonal termin..
5.8" Shiny Sharp WaterClear QUARTZ Crystal ChiselTip Termination Brazil for sale
Here is a very sharply formed Brazilian quartz crystal with a nice chisel-point termination growing ..
2.8" Christmas Tree Pseudomorph WILLEMITE After DESCLOIZITE Nahlak Iran for sale
This pseudomorph of willemite after descloizite comes from the Nahlak Mine in Iran. The willemite is..
1.8" Shiny Metallic COPPER-SILVER HALFBREED Crystals Keweenaw Michigan for sale
A "half-breed" mineral specimen features a combination of copper and silver in the same piece, a der..
8.5mm 1.6ct Rich Magenta RED BERYL Sharp Gemmy Terminated Crystals Utah for sale
Here is a superb crystal of gemmy red beryl (bixbite). The formation features a larger, complete red..
4.9" Deep Magenta Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Flashy Crystals to 7mm Morocco for sale
The pink color on this specimen of cobaltoan calcite is a deep magenta pink that is really rich and ..