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4.1" Red Spiky CROCOITE Crystals with White GIBBSITE Frosting Australia for sale
Here is a brilliant, neon red-orange crystal of crocoite from the world famous Red River Pocket at t..
4.3" Shiny Blood Red HUEBNERITE Crystals Metallic Luster on Quartz Peru for sale
The lustrous, metallic, silvery red huebnerite crystals on this specimen are a very dark cherry red ..
4.2" Cactus-Sided Golden SUNSHINE SPIRIT QUARTZ Crystals South Africa for sale
This is an attractive cluster of sparkling quartz crystals, colored a sunshine yellow-orange by iron..
4.1" Red Capped AMETHYST Crystals Diamond Willow Mine Thunder Bay ONT for sale
This specimen is a lovely example of red quartz over purple amethyst. The crystals are well-formed a..
3.6" Intricate Multi-Crystal Cluster Clear TIBETAN QUARTZ Himalaya Mtns for sale
The complexity of this cluster of clear quartz crystals from Tibet is astounding, as there are sever..
5.6" Long Shiny Silver STIBNITE Sharp Terminated Metallic Crystal China for sale
Here is a large single crystal of stibnite, in a bright, flashy, metallic silver color. The crystal ..
4" Weird Knobby Tip Sceptered CITRINE CATHEDRAL QUARTZ Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is an unusual citrine cathedral quartz crystal. The color is 100% natural, and is a rich, vibra..
2.4" Vivid NeonGreen Gemmy Clear FLUORITE Crystal Cleavage South Africa for sale
The vivid jelly-bean green color of this fluorite specimen from South Africa is full-bodied and flam..
1.2" 61ct Iridescent NeonBlue RAINBOW MOONSTONE Polished Cabachon India for sale
The surface of this gorgeous 61 carat moonstone cabochon flashes with electric blue colors that chan..
2" Robin's Egg Blue AMAZONITE Terminated Crystal Thunder Alley Colorado for sale
Here is a specimen that is colored a lovely, vibrant turquoise-blue. It is a sharp crystal of amazon..
1.4" Green Flash DIOPTASE SharpBrilliant WetLook Crystals to 10mm Congo for sale
Here is a fine specimen of dioptase from the Congo, featuring sharp crystals and a mirror-bright gre..
1.6" Fine Metallic NATIVE COPPER Spinel Twin Crystals Calumet-Hecla MI for sale
There are some rare spinel twin crystals on this old-time specimen from the Calumet & Hecla Mine..
1.1" 20ct Fruity Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Gemmy Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a beautiful, sharply formed crystal of imperial topaz, with gorgeous clarity and well-define..
2" Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals withActinolite Inclusions Serifos Greece for sale
This is a fine specimen of prase quartz from the classic Serifos Island locality, which is now playe..
5.1mm 2.2ct Silvery Gray Cubic PLATINUM CRYSTAL Sharply Formed Russia for sale
Here is a rare and hard-to-find specimen: a sharp cubic platinum crystal, one of the rarest objects ..
3.7" Water Clear QUARTZ CRYSTAL Rare Single Face Termination Colombia for sale
Here is a very unusual quartz crystal in the tessin habit from Colombia. The inside of the crystal i..
1.6" Navy Blue Bright Wet-Look Luster AZURITE Crystals Milpillas Mexico for sale
Because of its brilliant electric blue color and super sharp, glassy-faced crystals, the azurite fro..
3.7" Single Lavender Gemmy AMETHYST CRYSTAL Record Keeper Vera Cruz for sale
This extra large, highly lustrous. amethyst crystal on matrix is really striking for several reasons..
3.9" Matrix Specimen CROCOITE Sharp Red Terminated Crystals Australia for sale
This specimen of vibrant red-orange crocoite features sharp crystals with the typical square cross-s..
4.4" Ultra Clear Light Green See-Thru FLUORITE Sharp Shiny Cubic Crystals China
This is a group of completely transparent, clear as glass, see-through crystals in a pale mint green..