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4.5" CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE Natural White Flower in Black Limestone China for sale
Here is a specimen of chrysanthemum stone, a popular mineral formation with Chinese collectors, who ..
4.5" Totally Clear Polished ICELAND SPAR Crystal Rhomb +Rainbows Brazil for sale
Most Iceland spar on the market today is somewhat milky, while this one from Brazil is water clear a..
2.2" Brassy Metallic Bronze PYRRHOTITE Sharp Crystals Dalnegorsk Russia for sale
From the Dal'negorsk district in Russia comes this sharply formed group of pyrrhotite crystals. ..
2.8" Jet Black HETEROGENITE Crystals on Turquoise CHRYSOCOLLA Congo for sale
This specimen of black heterogenite with chrysocolla is colored a bright, luminous robin's egg blue ..
1.9" Layered Sandwich Tan-Brown-Tan WULFENITE Crystals Ojuela Mexico for sale
The crystals on this wulfenite specimen have a unique layered look, with a mustard yellow color on t..
4.3" Sparkling Deep Dark Violet Purple AMETHYST Crystal Plate Uruguay for sale
Here's an amethyst specimen which is an excellent example of the spectacular, deep purple color of a..
3" MultiColored IRIDESCENT GOETHITE Gold-Orange-Blue-Green-Purple Spain for sale
This brightly colored specimen of goethite features stalactitic-botryoidal growth with intense, meta..
3.0" Polished Royal Blue LABRADORITE High Flash Iridescence Madagascar for sale
Here is a lovely hand-sized oval disc of polished labradorite with brilliant iridescent flashes on b..
3.4" Bright LimeGreen Mounds of FLUORITE Crystals on Milky Quartz China for sale
This is an attractive specimen of green fluorite from China, featuring mounds of transparent crystal..
2.9" Sharp Colorful Pastel Yellow STELLERITE Crystals on EPIDOTE Mali for sale
Here is a striking specimen of the rare zeolite mineral stellerite, a newcomer from Mali that first ..
5.8" Lightning Fused Glass Tube FULGURITE From Lightning Strike Morocco for sale
This is an excellent specimen of fulgurite, a partially hollow glass tube that was created when ligh..
3.9" GemmyClear Terminated SELENITE Crystal Group Cave of Swords Mexico for sale
Here is a fine grouping of clear selenite crystals from the mine that is famous for its Cave of the ..
3.6" HERKIMER DIAMOND Golden Healer Quartz 4 Crystal ClusterSkeletal NY for sale
The diamonds in this breathtaking cluster are water clear crystals that are sharply double terminate..
5.9" Sharp Lustrous Clear Gemmy Ice Mountain SELENITE Crystals Mexico for sale
The gem clear crystals in this dramatic group are up to 4.6" long, in sharp,  striated individu..
5.4" Sharp Metallic Cubic Silvery Gray GALENA CRYSTAL Cluster Missouri for sale
Here is a choice galena specimen that has sharp crystals to 3" in a silvery-gray color. The crystals..
4" Burgundy Wine Red Gem PRUSKITE Sharp Shiny Crystals to 3.9" Poland for sale
On this gorgeous specimen, vivid burgundy red crystals sit on a yellow-orange matrix, creating a spe..
5.3" Shiny GOLDEN SELENITE Yellow Angel-Wing Twin Gem Crystals Ica Peru for sale
Sharp, gem-clear selenite crystals like these are both beautiful and visually stunning, and make ter..
6.3" Polished PHANTOM FLUORITE WAND Rainbow Colors Green Purple China for sale
This polished fluorite wand is made of phantom fluorite, featuring rich, saturated colors in bright ..
2.7" 421ct Sharp Green TOURMALINE Crystal Trigonal Termination Brazil for sale
Here is a fine crystal of elbaite tourmaline in a very dark green color that is really lovely. ..
6.6" Colorful RED QUARTZ Flattened Tabular Terminated Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of ferruginous red quartz from the new find in Morocco, reportedly f..