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1.4" 116ct Play-of-Color Blue Green Orange Gem Polished OPAL Ethiopia for sale
Here is an Ethiopian gem fire opal that's filled with luminescent, shimmering flashes of blue, green..
1.1" VSharp CUBIC MAGNETITE Crystals w-Talc ZCA #4 Mine Balmat NY 1992 for sale
Here is a superb specimen of cubic magnetite with a sprinkling of talc from the now-famous find in 1..
2.5" Gemmy HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Crystal with Shiny Rainbows New York for sale
This double terminated Herkimer diamond quartz crystal is sharp and gemmy, and is jam-packed with sh..
2.5" See Thru Gem AQUA AURA QUARTZ Sharply Terminated Crystal Arkansas for sale
This aqua aura quartz crystal has good see-through clear areas, with brilliant luster and excellent ..
4.4" Blue Green FLUORITE Glassy Gemmy Cubic Crystals Rogerley Mine UK for sale
This specimen, which came from the 2015 season when we visited the mine, features sharp, gemmy, see-..
3.1" FOSSIL COCKSCOMB OYSTER Well Preserved Cretaceous 70MYO Madagascar for sale
From Madagascar comes this amazing fossil oyster, of the species Rastellum carinatum. The unusual ri..
5.8" Vivid PurpleGreenYellowClear Polished RAINBOW FLUORITE Slice China for sale
The phantom layers in this polished slice of fluorite from China are sharply defined and clearly del..
3" Gemmy Turquoise AQUA AURA QUARTZ Terminated Shiny Crystals Arkansas for sale
This colorful specimen of aqua aura quartz crystals is beautifully iridescent, with brilliant luster..
3.8" Lemony Yellow Dripping SULFUR STALACTITE Blue Fire Volcano Java for sale
Here is a dripping sulfur stalactite, in an interesting, sculptural shape and colored a brilliant bu..
1.4" RUTILE Sharp Metallic Wet-Look Twinned Crystals Graves Mt Georgia for sale
Graves Mountain is well known as the source of what are considered the finest rutile crystals in the..
2.6" 5.5oz Shiny Metal Nickel Iron METEORITE Campo del Cielo Argentina for sale
Here is a nickel iron meteorite that weighs 156 grams from the celebrated Campo del Cielo meteorite ..
4.5" Transparent Gem Quality Cubic Light Green FLUORITE Crystals China for sale
The Xian Hua Lin Mine is famous for sharp, gem clear crystals of light green fluorite, and this is a..
2.7" Silky FIBROUS MALACHITE Scintillating Fibrous Green Crystals Congo for sale
This exquisite specimen of fibrous malachite is entirely made up of acicular malachite crystals. The..
1.2" 20ct Gem Clear RichOrange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
I visited an imperial topaz mine near Ouro Preto during my 2016 trip to the Brazil. The miners desce..
2.9" Shiny Cotton Candy Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Crystals BouAzer Morocco for sale
Here is a very fine small cabinet specimen of cobaltoan calcite, with fabulous pink color. The displ..
2.9" Tessin Habit AQUA AURA QUARTZ Crystal Shiny Electric Blue Arkansas for sale
Here's a sharply tapering crystal of clear quartz that has grown in the rare tessin habit formation ..
3.1" Hopper PYROMORPHITE Crystals Pseudo to IceBlue PLUMBOGUMMITE China for sale
This is a fine example of plumbogummite pseudomorphs of pyromorphite. This piece came from a signifi..
3.6" ShinyYellow SULFUR Stalactite Covered w-WigglyWorms Java Indonesia for sale
The Kawah-Ijen volcano in Indonesia has a unique feature: it discharges molten sulfur which drips fr..
3.6" Lemon Yellow SULFUR STALACTITE Drip Crystal Blue Fire Volcano Java for sale
The sulfur in this amazing specimen has dripped to create a formation much like the sides of stalact..
2.3" Gemmy Rhodo Red PRUSKITE Shiny Razor-Sharp Crystals to 1.2" Poland for sale
My friends from Poland introduced this new lab grown mineral at the Tucson Show in 2015, and it was ..