1.8" New Find from CT Purple Violet AMETHYST Double Terminated Scepter Crystal for sale

Jason Baskin and his cohorts at Jay's Minerals of New Jersey made an exciting new find of amethyst in an undisclosed locality in Windham County, Connecticut in April & May of 2015. They brought their new finds to the East Coast Gem & Mineral Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where the amethyst created an immediate sensation. (Jay seems to be making a habit of this, as he is the guy who showed up at last year's show with the new Red Ember Mine garnets in graphite.) He reports that he was extracting the amethyst at the 11th hour (literally), the night before the site was bulldozed for construction. That, alas, means there will not be any more of this excellent new material.

Many new mineral finds make their premiere appearance at one of the many mineral shows in Tucson, Arizona, every year in February.  But at the 2014 East Coast Mineral Show, a significant and dramatic new find of highly aesthetic specimens showed up for the first time (Polityka 2014).  It consisted of almandine garnet crystals embedded in a shiny, dark silver graphite matrix; these were collected at the Red Embers mine in Erving, Franklin County, Massachusetts.  The graphite matrix had been selectively removed from both the front and back sides to expose the garnets, allowing light to shine through them, revealing the glowing, vivid burgundy-red color of the transparent gem almandine.  These specimens caused a minor uproar and were an immediate success, judging by the buzz of the crowds blocking the aisles around the booth set up by Jay Baskin of Jay's Minerals, located in New Jersey. Throughout the building people were raving about this new material, which has an extremely high “wow factor.”  The next year at the 2015 East Coast Show, Baskin returned with a new supply of this material that he had prepared over the previous year.  Buyers again lined up to purchase specimens of this extraordinary new material, including major players such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum, Yale University, the University of Arizona, and others (Polityka 2015).

4.2" Wulfenite, Red Cloud Mine, Arizona, USA -- Jeff Scovil photo

The Red Cloud Mine is arguably the source of the world's finest wulfenite crystals, because of their vibrant red-orange color, brilliant luster, exceptionally well formed crystals, large size and gemminess. Located in the Silver District in the Trigo Mountains, La Paz Co., Arizona, USA, this renowned mine has produced thousands of specimens that been available to collectors since 1880. Today, superb specimens from the mine are found in most mineral museums in the world, and are featured in the displays of many mineral collectors. To add to its fame, wulfenite from the Red Cloud Mine was depicted on a USPS stamp in 1992. Now that the mine is closed and has been reclaimed, it is highly unlikely that the mine will ever produce specimens again.

Here is the latest word on the current situation at the Rogerley Mine in England, direct from one of the operators.

2.7" V Spray of Gemmy Terminated Blue Barite Crystals - Morocco

Nador is a city located in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco. The city is a Mediterranean port on the Bar Ameyan lagoon, and it is the major trading center in the region for fish, fruit, and livestock.

FRONT SIDE: 5.8" Glowing Crimson Burning Embers ALMANDINE GARNETS in Graphite - Erving, MA (sold)