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6 mm 3.6 carat twinned platinum crystals

Platinum is the rarest and most expensive precious metal - more so than either gold or silver. And platinum crystals are even rarer - so rare that, until a few years ago, they were considered to be the rarest objects on the face of the earth! Because of their scarcity and prohibitively high price, the vast majority of mineral collectors could not afford to buy platinum crystals. As a result, they were usually only seen in very high end mineral collections. This situation changed in the decade following the 1993 appearance on the mineral market of world class platinum crystals that came from an alluvial deposit in Siberia. The cubic, metallic, pale gray, slightly edge-rounded crystals reportedly reach a size of about 1.5 cm. The exact locality is the Konder Massif (also spelled Kondyor), in the village of Konder, near Nel'kan, Aldan shield, Ayan-Maya district, Khabarovskiy Kraj, Far-Eastern Region, Russia.