The Positions We Assume: What Kind of Collector Are You?

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The Diver

Out in the field, rock collectors will assume almost any position in hopes of finding a good specimen. That makes for a good show, but only if you're not too engrossed in the hunt yourself! Here are some of my collecting friends who I "caught in the act". I have taken the liberty of naming what kind of collector they are; so, just what kind of collector are you?

The Tightrope Walker

The Squatter

The Gardener

The Kicker

The Sitter

The Sledger

The Meditator

The Flasher

The Slave Driver

The Panner

The Sifter

The Spelunker

The Chorus Line

The Smooth Operator

The Chiropractor's Favorite Customer

The Bucket Brigade

The Gazer

The Kneeler

The Worshipper

The Observers

The Washer

The Trimmer

The Swinger

The Chisel Dropper

The Reacher

The Picker

The Lucky Dog 1

The Lucky Dog 2

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