Burning Embers Almandine Garnets in Graphite

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FRONT SIDE: 5.8" Glowing Crimson Burning Embers ALMANDINE GARNETS in Graphite - Erving, MA (sold)


One of the few “new” items at the East Coast Gem & Mineral Show this year were the stunning specimens of almandine garnets in graphite from the Red Embers Mine in Erving, Franklin Co., Massachusetts. The miners (Jason, Kevin & Kyle Baskin) spent over 5 years mining and preparing their specimens, and this show was the grand introduction for these cool pieces. The graphite has been worked to expose the garnets front and back, so the light shines through the crystals, revealing the glowing, vivid, burgundy red color of the translucent almandine. There was always a big crowd at their booth, and you could hear the buzz of people raving about this new material, which has an extremely high “Wow Factor.” The mine was originally called the Sky Farm locality, when it was prospected for gem garnets in the late 1800's by Tiffany's, the jewelers. The site was renamed the Two Fat Boys Claim, when it was worked for gem quality cut stones in the early 2000s. The mine is now being worked by the Baskin family for specimens, and they have cut some of the garnets into gemstones. These range in size from 3 mm to 7 mm, and are up to 1.5 carats.

We have a good supply of these exciting new specimens, so you have many pieces to choose from. They are reasonably priced from under $80 to $300.

You can find our Red Embers almandine garnet specimens here on our website.

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