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Penas Blanca Emerald Mine, Boyacá Department, Colombia

At the 2017 edition of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, one of the new introductions and stars of the show was chrome fluorite from Colombia's Penas Blanca Emerald Mine. This mine is on the northern edge of the Western Emerald Bearing Belt, or Boyaca Belt, north of Muzo. It is unique for its absence of pyrite and other sulphides and the presence of fluorite. The mine also produces notable calcite, barite, dolomite, water-clear quartz, and of course, emeralds. The locality is near Mun. de San Pablo de Borbur, in the Vasquez-Yacopí Mining District, Boyacá Department, Colombia.

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The fluorite from this locality occurs as cubic crystals, to as much as 40 cm on edge, both on and off matrix. The surfaces of the clear fluorite are smooth, with cityscape-like square growth hillocks. The surfaces of the fluorite range from a dull to vitreous luster. The fluorite is transparent to translucent.

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Inside the colorless crystals are bright, emerald green phantoms, which led to the material being called chrome fluorite – no doubt because chrome is the chromophore that causes the green color in emeralds. Though not yet tested, it is highly likely that this is the cause of the green coloration. Some of the green fluorite has been cut into gemstones. 

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I purchased pieces in a variety of sizes from the sole supplier, Pachamama Mienrals, which is run by my old buddy, Henry Ospina. He is the fifth generation in his family to be involved int he emerald trade, and he has excellent contacts at the mine who supplied him with this material.

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Crystal under LW UV light showing phantom:

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