August 2016 Update on Collecting at the Rogerley Mine

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Here is the latest word on the current situation at the Rogerley Mine in England, direct from one of the operators.


by Eric Greene

Jesse Fisher and Cal Graeber use the locomotive to bring a load of waste rock out of the mine portal, June 2015

Hi guys,
I am working on an article on the Rogerley Mine – are you guys open this year? I checked the website and there are no new updates. Thank you, and I hope you managed to pull it off!
Thanks, Eric


Hello Eric,
We've been at the mine for the past month, and have managed to recover a few good bits, but without our miner and access to explosives, it's been slow going. I've been posting a few updates to Facebook, but otherwise lying low. We will be shipping our somewhat meager take this year back home next week. I'll be home in early September and hope to post some new specimens to the website. We will, as always, be at the Denver show.

August 6, 2016

Eric Greene works on removing specimens from a side pocket, June 2015

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