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We Get Feedback

Here's what our customers have told us:

"I received the specimens yesterday but the box was damaged due to the lack of care taken by the USPS but they all arrived undamaged due to the great care undertaken by you or your staff while packaging. I appreciate the extra effort and the fast delivery and will definitely purchase from you again. Also the specimens were exactly as pictured and very nice so no surprises there." -Nicklaus

"I received the specimens today in perfect condition. I am very pleased with them and I left positive feedback for you. And thanks very much for the refund for the shipping – thank you for your honesty!"  - Jogchum

"I received the package today. I am pleased with the crystals and the way you packaged them. Thank you for shipping those display stands to me. I was wondering how I am going to display them in my room. I will definitely buy more crystals from you in the near future..."  - Ka

"Just wanted to send a quick message to say my order arrived safe and sound today :-) Looks and feels even better than pictured! Love it!!! Thanks so much!!"  - Kelly

"Hi Eric.....received the specimen I wanted from Red Embers Mine yesterday. What a fabulous piece!!  Your service is very good...caring, competent, considerate and complete.  Thank you."  - Jeff

"I just got the package today (holy fast shipping!)...and it has exceeded my expectations.  The crystal is absolutely perfect, the packaging was effective and thorough, and the little sample that was included was a very nice treat to be able to add to my small collection of minerals.  5/5 stars.  I have just filmed an unboxing video of this crystal for my youtube channel and will be posting it after I edit it.  I look forward to my next beautiful piece!"  - Kirstyn

"I would give you a 5 star rating on my first purchase from your web site.  The specimen of mohawkite was even nicer than your photo, because its weight and size were larger than I imagined.  So you will likely see me again as a repeat customer.  And sending another mineral specimen along, as a gift, exceeded my expectations.  Thank you. "  - Mike

"I just wanted to say this piece was worth every penny to me..I just love it..look forward to buying from you again.."  - Ryan

"Thank you!  This was for a present and I choose your business because of how detailed you website was in explaining the care You take in shipping. You can tell there is pride and enthusiasm for your business."  - Stephen

"Thank you very much! It is pleasant to deal with such people - all quickly, clearly and coherently. And after a short time I am holding this little miracle, I dreamed of. I want to wish prosperity to your business, and you personally - health, good luck and happiness!"  - Jin

"Looking forward to your newsletter. What a classy shop you run! Really appreciate the discount you gave me on my purchases and the photos and video of all the specimens are really works of art and such a pleasure to see!  I feel like I get all the enjoyment of going on the hunt without getting the blisters!  Thank You and Best Wishes,"  - Terry

"Thanks so much! I am truly surprised and amazed by this little crystal.  I've bought many stones online; your photos and presentation are extraordinary, but I was completely speechless when I opened the package. How wonderful!  Thank you.  And I so appreciate knowing where it came from."  - Helen

"We have ordered several pieces from you over the past months and hope to order more. They have always arrived in perfect condition, always on time, and are as nice or nicer than the pictures show. Thanks to you we are building a really nice collection."  - Wayne

"The tourmaline is awesome. Thank you as well for the thoughtful gift of the selenite crystal; very clear, pretty, unusual, & high quality as well. Class act, top notch, well done. Very happy customer. I'll def. visit your showroom when I'm out that way next summer."  - phunfotog

"Completely pleased with my stones, as the multiple photos on your site left no doubt as to what I was ordering. Packaging was perfect, no damage in shipping at all.  In summary, extremely fast, no bad surprises, merchandise precisely as described.  Probably the best order from any company, for any product, I have ever received.  Outstanding!"  - Chris

"My package came in on Friday.  When I opened it, my eyes lit up with excitement…similar to the first package I received from Treasure Mountain.  I am very satisfied with my purchase and will certainly be on the lookout for more fine specimens offered by your team in the near future!"  - Thomas

"Both parcels arrived with every specimen in excellent condition. Thanks for the professional packing. The minerals look very nice as every time! It's always a great pleasure to do business with you."  - Michael

"I received order specimens, yesterday. These specimens are very excellent! I am satisfied very much. Thank you."  - Masaaki

"Your website shows that you really have an eye for quality. Your explanations help me to be a better educated collector. When I buy a specimen, I feel a connection, an appreciation for the attributes it possesses because you have helped me to see its possible flaws as well as its finer qualities. What I like, too, is the honesty of your descriptions, photos, and business policies. It is fun and valuable for me to receive an education on the mineral kingdom through your many years of experience and resulting expertise. Your enthusiasm is contagious. In addition, you allow me to correct my errors in judgment with an understanding return policy. I get to choose a more suitable stone and am happy to do so. The integrity and professionalism of Treasure Mountain Mining inspires my complete trust. Your dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and to making me feel appreciated will encourage many future purchases."  - Elaine

"It is so heartening to find other people out there with the same core values of honesty and integrity! Thank you so much for the refund on the shipping! It is very much appreciated!"  - Jaak

"I received my wonderful fluorite octahedron today and I am speechless! It has overwhelmed me by its beauty, colours and rainbows. I am thoroughly delighted and couldn't have asked for more. It will be so treasured for the rest of my life and then my children and children's children - it will live on forever. Also I totally appreciated your patience with me deciding over this fluorite and your dedication in getting safe transport all the way over to Scotland. It arrived here in 3 days!! I send the warmest and biggest thank you to everyone at Treasure Mountain Mining!   -Krystina

"I received my two mineral specimens and stands today. I am very satisfied with the delivery speed, packing and of course, the specimens and stands. These specimens are definitely worth every dollar and I am proud to have two more quality mineral specimens from your store. There are many more specimens that I have had my eyes on and I will definitely buy more when I have more funds available to purchase more fascinating and amazing mineral specimens from you for my collection. I can honestly add, that your store is in a league of its own compared to the other mineral dealers. The prices are good and the specimens you have in your store are very fascinating and look absolutely gorgeous!"  - Miklos

"I do business with you guys because; (1) you are fast/secure in shipping/packaging, (2) prices are pretty reasonable, (3) good quality items/availability, (4) clear/concise/interesting (feel like reading) website, and (5) customer history/loyalty. Thanks. "  - Lewis

"I have to say, your excellent packaging solved the problem of too much tape and minerals too hard to unwrap! Brilliant! Hoo-rah! Thanks."  - Bob

"The package arrived just a few minutes ago. It is a very beautiful specimen, and was packaged perfectly securely. I have left positive feedback with five stars across the board. Thanks again, and I look forward to further transactions with you."  - Brian

"Just a brief note to let you know that I took delivery of the crystal yesterday. It's absolutely spectacular and I'm thrilled with the purchase. Lovely, too, that you enclosed the little stand. Thank you also for declaring the parcel as a geological sample so I would not have to pay taxes."  - Rudolf

"Thanks for the full refund for the phenakite crystal which I returned. I appreciate the professional manner in which this transaction has been conducted."  - Barb

"Package arrived already! Very impressed! Left suitable praise on eBay!"  - Ian

"WOW! A discount too? We received our crystals and my son is ecstatic! He offers a crystal tour to everyone who comes in the house. We went through your website and wrote down all properties of each stone - he is fascinated and I am delighted that he loves this so much like his mama. Thank you again for the great quality. I am very impressed with the phantom quartz - all the points are intact and it is truly beautiful. We will be back soon I am sure!"  - Beth

"I am impressed with your collection as well as your presentation - not to mention your prices. I have been collecting for twenty five years now and am now rebuilding my collection. l I had bought a few small pieces (pocket sized to put on my window sill over the sink) and my 6 year old son went nuts over them - an immediate connection. He is so excited to receive these stones! It is something we will share for the rest of our lives and he has reinvigorated my passion!"  - Elaine

"I was absolutely AMAZED at how AWESOME this piece looks! Looks good enough to EAT! THANKS ALSO for your great & friendly communication, fast shipping, packaging, & for the "freebie" included! I'll be back for sure."  - Sheldon

"The Lemurian Quartz Specimen and Topaz Specimen which arrived yesterday are of first rate quality and it has been a genuine pleasure doing business with you. Thank you so much, because you are the greatest. You are courteous and kind and you have a well- run establishment there, with fine interesting people with great communication skills. You always provide prompt professional service and I feel flattered that you can even remember me, given that you have thousands of positive feedback hits on eBay."  - Walter

"I must say I am floored by the care and consideration that you all have shown. The quartz crystal is amazing. Thank you for wrapping it the way you did so it arrived undamaged. My wife is not going to believe her eyes when she sees the crystal. I look forward to doing business with you all again as well as sharing your business with others. Again thank you for everything."  - Edwin

"The specimens arrived on Monday afternoon, right on time, and they are perfect additions to my collection! No one has been as professional and pleasant in doing business as you guys are. Thanks so much."  - Raul