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About Treasure Mountain Mining

Treasure Mountain Mining was started in 1990 by Eric & Jeanne Greene as a small, part-time dealership offering crystals and minerals for sale and trade. We had no storefront or showroom -- just a few display cases in the living room of our home in Greenfield, MA, a 3,000 specimen collection stored in blueprint file cases in the den, and an old barn that was stuffed with self-collected minerals. We started out attending several local mineral shows a year, and eventually graduated to selling in Tucson in 2000. Tiring of doing shows, we established our web site and eBay store in 2001. With the rapid growth of the internet and the emergence of eBay, our business skyrocketed. We soon realized that we had outgrown our small home, and began to look for another to house the business.

In 2002 we purchased a large house on Church Street in Greenfield. Built in 1860 and expanded in 1920, the rambling 13 room house is a perfect fit for both our home and our business. A former doctor’s office area in the back of the house was converted into offices, shipping area, and showroom. We turned the 2,000 square foot basement into an oversize crystal warehouse, filling racks of shelving with boxes stuffed with crystals from all over the world. All this space has allowed us to grow to be one of the largest mineral stores on eBay, and amongst the top mineral retailers on the internet. Our focus on providing a wide variety of quality specimens at sensible prices along with providing outstanding customer service have been the cornerstones of our business.

Today, we are a full-time business with a great team of people working together to meet our valued customers' needs. Founder and president Eric Greene is our chief mineralogist and business manager. He has a background in geology, has worked as an art director for a large publishing company, has done much professional writing, has managed several large businesses, and received his MBA from Western New England College. He specializes in selecting and purchasing specimens and writing about the crystals and minerals we offer. In the warmer months, Eric fills his "spare" time mining for crystals and mineral specimens all over the Northeast. Co-owner Jeanne Greene is our chief financial officer: she pays the bills, takes care of our banking, payroll and other financial issues, and pitches in wherever her help is needed. Helene, our office manager, has brought a high level of professionalism to our office as she maintains our data base, creates invoices, records customer payments, and handles the thousands of emails we receive each year with customers' questions, comments, and concerns about their orders. Julie is our shipping clerk; she is an expert at safely packaging and shipping delicate mineral specimens. And finally, our staff photographers are Adam and Holly. They are talented mineral photographers, and help us by expertly capturing the beauty of our fine specimens.

In the future, we hope for continuing growth as we pursue our mission to bring joy to your world by providing you, our treasured customers, with the highest quality crystals at sensible prices with outstanding customer service.

What about Customer Services?

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of customer service and integrity in all our business practices. We are grateful for all the wonderful things our customers say about us - click here to check out our feedback for yourself .

What else do you do?

We work full-time at this business, so we are available on-line 7 days a week - unless we're out collecting! Eric is a dedicated field collector, and spends as much time as he can mining crystals.

How can I get in touch?

You can reach us by e-mail at

By phone at
413-774-5707 (9:00 am-6:00 pm EST)