1.1" 67ct Gemmy Red w-Green WATERMELON TOURMALINE Crystal Brazil for sale

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Location Barra do Salinas district, Barra do Salinas, Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size 1.1" x 1.0" x 0.6"
Suggested Stand A display square comes free with this specimen.

Here's a gemmy single crystal of watermelon tourmaline from Brazil. The end of the crystal show the internal structure, which has a red inner core and a green outer coating about 3mm thick - just like a watermelon cut in two! As a bonus, at the very center, there is  small core of green tourmlaine - a very rare feature. The sides of the crystal are bright and lustrous, highlighting the striations typical of this species. This is an brightly colorful example of this highly collectible form of tourmaline which dates to the 1960s and was re-discovered in an ex-dealer's basement, which has become very hard to find these days.