.66ct 5.3mm Emerald Cut PINK SAPPHIRE AAA Gemstone Not Treated Montana for sale

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Location Rock Creek District, Granite Co., Montana, USA
Size 5.26 x 4.19 mm
Suggested Stand A display box comes free with this specimen.

The color of this pink sapphire gemstone from Montana is a saturated magenta pink.  It weighs .66 carats, and has AAA (flawless) clarity. It has not been treated in any way – the color and clarity are 100% natural.  It has been cut into a radiant emerald shape, meaning that it is rectangular with truncated corners which makes them durable and less prone to chipping. With an emerald cut, the linear facets are parallel to the girdle and belong to the step cut group. The edges of emerald cut gems are parallel and therefore it is easier to see through them. The stone comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.