5330ct  4.2" Blood RED RUBY Sharp Record Keeper Crystal

5330ct 4.2" Blood RED RUBY Sharp Record Keeper Crystal

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Location Mysore, India
Size 4.2" x 3.4" x 1.6"
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This specimen of RUBY (CORUNDUM) from Merlin's Crystal Mine in Mysore, Karnataka, India is the most sharply formed large ruby crystal I have ever seen from this locality. All of he surfaces of the crystal show a waxy luster, and the crystal is a vivid cranberry red color. Above all else, it is huge: a euhedral, complete, doubly-terminated, floater crystal. It is opaque, and exhibits near-perfect hexagonal geometry with almost flat terminations on both ends. Unlike most large ruby crystals, which have characteristic "stacked layers" appearance, the side faces on this crystal are also surpringly smooth - a very rare occurence indeed. This is a true classic old ruby from the locality for which India is famous. It's another great find we found at the Tucson Gem & Mienral Show this year. We found it in the tent of a wholesale dealer from India who had set up in the courtyard of the Quality Inn. Because of the very large size of the crystal, the intense saturated color, and the exceptionally sharp crystallization, this is a very significant specimen the premiere locality for large ruby crystals in the world.