4.77ct Natural Uncut Olive GreenDIAMOND CRYSTAL-Congo

4.77ct Natural Uncut Olive GreenDIAMOND CRYSTAL-Congo

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Location Western Kasai, Congo
Size 10mm x 7mm x 6mm
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Here's a fabulous specimen of DIAMOND from the alluvial diamond deposits in the KASAI RIVER, TSHIKAPA, WESTERN KASAI PROVINCE, CONGO. Diamond is the HARDEST SUBSTANCE ON EARTH and is used for industrial purposes (mostly cutting) as well as for jewelry. While this stone is not fit for jewelry, it is a super specimen showing excellent ADAMANTINE (PEARLY) LUSTER, and good DARK OLIVE GREEN COLOR. This type of crystallization is called a MACLE TWIN, meaning a composite crystal formed of several diamond crystals. I acquired this diamond in Februrary from a French dealer with ties to the Congo who was set up out in TUCSON. Note: this diamond cannot be cut to create a jewelry-quality gemstone; it is intended to be a mineral specimen only.