3.2" Pale Blue AQUAMARINE 2 Gem Crystals to .6" on Muscovite Pakistan-for sale

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Location Northern Territories, Pakistan
Size 3.2" x 1.9" x 1.6"
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Here's a very choice specimen of gem AQUAMARINE BERYL crystals from Shigar, Skardu, Pakistan. The transparent crystals rest on a matrix of lustrous silver bladed crystals of MUSCOVITE MICA. The lovely pale sky blue aqua crystals are transparent and water clear . There are 2 large and 1 small crystals on the piece that are undamaged. All three are sharply formed with smooth sides and complete terminations. The largest crystal has very small <1 mm beveled edges, while the one next to it has much larger, well developed bevels. On all the crystals the faces are brilliantly lustrous and very flashy, and the edges where the crystal planes come together are notably sharp. The three intact crystals are very showy and quite pristine. I purchased this highly aesthetic piece from a Pakistani dealer while I was at the Tucson Gem Rock and Mineral Show this year.