5.8" Big Head Sceptered Purple AMETHYST Gemmy Crystal Cluster Kenya for sale

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Location Baobob Mine, Kitui Disrict, Eastern Province, Kenya
Size 5.8" x 4.9" x 4.1"
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Large, sceptered, terminated crystals of amethyst from Kenya are hard to find, and this one is the largest I have seen! The terminations are good on all 3 sceptered crystals, and the "hips" of the termination are developed in an elestial, parallel growth pattern that is quite striking. The crystal surfaces have a brilliant glassy shine, and the parallel faces in the elestial areas light up beautifully when it is turned in the light. This crystal has some lovely, wispy purple color inside, and it is highly lustrous, sharply terminated, and is slightly transparent to translucent with some skeletal development inside. The crystals are not perfectly formed, and there are some contact areas, but it is still a very good representative example of the amethyst from this mine.