5.8" Violet Lavender SPIRIT AMETHYST Multi-Crystal Cluster South Africa for sale

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Location Gauteng, South Africa
Size 5.8" x 4.0" x 3.6"
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Here is an outstanding and sensationally aesthetic specimen of SPIRIT AMETHYST from a true classic locality: the amethyst diggings in the Magaliesberg Mountains, Pretoria, Gauteng province, South Africa. Spirit amethyst features sharply terminated crystals, with sides that are covered with a flashy amethyst druze with multitudes of tiny crystal faces which reflect the light to give the specimen a marvelous twinkle when it is moved. This formation was originally given two names: some called it cactus quartz, but now most everyone has settled on the term spirit quartz (which is translated from the local Afrikaaner name for these crystals). I picked up this specimen at the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show from one of my South African friends, who always seems to have the finest mine-direct mineral specimens available from South Africa.