5.6" SharpShiny Gemmy DATOLITE Crystals Prospect Park NJ Old Collection for sale

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Location Prospect Park Quarry, Prospect Park, Passaic Co., New Jersey, US
Size 5.6" x 3.4" x 2.8"
Suggested Stand Large 3.4" Peg Stand

This secimen features glassy, damage-free crystals of pale yellow-green datolite up to 23m which are mm perched on a basalt matrix. This is a very fine old specimen from the classic Prospect Park locality. Ex-Charles M. Noll Collection, with old labels. Noll (1922-2014) bequeathed his extensive mineral collection to his alma mater, Marquette University in Wisconsin. The University had no geology department, so it went to the Seaman Mineralogical Museum, and was later dispersed.