7.3" Sharp TOURMALINATED QUARTZ Crystals w/Indicolite Inclusions Brazil for sale

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Location Lapa da Onça claim, Jirau, Araçuaí, Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size 7.3" x 5.3" x 3.7"
Suggested Stand XLarge 4.3" Peg Stand

Here is an exceptional specimen of "blue quartz", with thick hair-like indicolite tourmaline crystals that have grown inside of a large, sharp, well-terminated quartz crystal. Similar to rutile in quartz (rutilated quartz), this quartz crystal is packed with blue indicolite tourmaline crystals along several edges and faces. The quartz crystal itself is large, sharply formed, and complete. There is also a sharp quartz outrider crystal which is terminated and has a forward leaning time line. This is a remarkable specimen of the rarest species of tourmaline - blue indicolite, in an even rarer formation, where it is growing inside a quartz crystal.