2.7" V.Sharp V.Lustrous SPESSARTINE GARNET Orange Red Crystal Tanzania for sale

2.7" V.Sharp V.Lustrous SPESSARTINE GARNET Orange Red Crystal Tanzania for sale

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Location Arusha, Tanzania
Size 2.7" x 2.4" x 1.5"
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This large half-crystal of spessartine garnet practically glows with a captivating, translucent deep red-orange color, with some nice, gemmy, transparent areas. It is a dodecahedral garnet crystal from a recent find in Tanzania, with flat, level crystal faces that form very sharp joins, points and edges. (Especially for its size, the sharpness of this crystal is exceptional.) Its luster is also very good, and with its superb color, excellent sharpness, large size and great aesthetics, this is representative of some of the best crystals from the locality.

The new SPESSARTINE GARNETS from Tanzania are truly exceptional. This garnet is from a new locality for fine spessartine garnets - Nani bei Loliando, Near Sergenti National Park, Arusha Region, Tanzania. Located about 35 km NE of Loliondo proper, in "the middle of nowhere." A village called Lemisikio is nearby. The deposit was visited and studied by our German friend, who is a geologist. He described it as an approximately 100 meter wide quartz mass or vein with weathered detritus. The quartz is crisscrossed with veinlets of hematite. The spessartine garnets are bound to the hematite in the veinlets. Most work to date has been digging into the loose weathered material to retrieve the garnet crystals. Only a little work has been done on the intact quartz mass. Nani, a name assigned by the local Massai tribesmen, y is a new village which is growing rapidly with the arrival of new miners who are responding to the "Garnet Rush." I purchased this piece at the Tucson Gem, Rock and Mineral Show from my German geologist/dealer friend who spends 6 months of the year in Tanzania.