8.1" Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystals on SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal China for sale

8.1" Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystals on SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal China for sale

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Location Fujian, China
Size 8.1" x 5.0" x 3.6"
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The contrast on this specimen is sensational - the brilliant, gemmy, red-orange spessartine garnets really stand out against the dark gray smoky quartz crystal. The garnets are bright orange-red, with superb wet looking luster, and are very gemmy (I think they look like drops of orange marmalade dripped on the smoky quartz). The garnet crystals are sharply formed, with sharp edges and corners. The smoky quartz crystal is exceptionally large for the locality, and features a nearly perfect termination and glassy, high luster faces. The big crystal is opaque, but very well formed. It does have a contact area on the bottom and at the base of the back side, but there is no damage. This is a highly aesthetic and unusually dramatic example of this fine material, and is a very significant specimen.

Specimens of red-orange SPESSARTINE GARNETS on SMOKY QUARTZ have been coming from the Wushan Spessartine Mine in Tongbei, Yun Xiao County, Zhangsho Prefecture, Fujian Province, China since about 2000. The individual garnets are often sharp and gemmy, forming as dodecahedrons. On the best pieces, the color is a vivid, enthusiastic red-orange, and the garnets are sprinkled over smoky quartz crystals. I purchased this fine, nearly damage-free specimen at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show from a Chinese wholesale dealer. Note: A few years ago, there was a small controversy brewing in the mineral world over whether these were spessartine garnets or grossular garnets (the difference being the amount of calcium in the crystal structure). Tests have now confirmed that they are indeed spessartine.