3.9" Complex Multi-Terminated CATHEDRAL QUARTZ Clear Gem Crystal Brazil for sale

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Location Aracuai, Jequitinhonha valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size 3.9" x 1.5" x 1.3"
Suggested Stand Small 2" Peg Stand

Cathedral quartz crystals can have a single termination, or like this one, there can be multiple tips. For its size, this is one of the most complex, multi-terminated cathedral quartz crystals I have seen. I picked it out during my 2016 trip to Brazil, and it is a great example of this unusual form of quartz, with turret-like tips around the central termination, buttress-like shoulders, and multiple doorways. I love this form of quartz, and this piece reminds me of just why I find it so appealing.