2.6" 2oz Curious Canyon Diablo Metallic Black Shiny METEORITE Arizona for sale

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Location Canyon Diablo, Cdoconino Co., Arizona, USA
Size 2.6" x 1.1" x 0.7"
Suggested Stand A display square comes free with this specimen.

This nickel-iron meteorite comes from the famous Canyon Diablo meteorite, which created Arizona's Meteor Crater, which was discovered in 1891. The impact site is known as the Barringer Crater, named for Daniel Barringer who was first to theorized that it was caused by a meteorite. The material is thought to be core material from a planetary body, as it consists of about 90% kamacite with smaller amounts of taenite and "plessite" (an intergrowth of kamacite and taenite) and other minerals. The fall took place about 50,000 years ago. This piece weighs 2 ounces (58 grams), and it has excellent regmaglypts (thumbprint-shaped depressions) that formed when it streaked through the atmosphere.