5.1" TwinklingGreen MALACHITE Micro Crystals Botryoidal Formation Congo for sale

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Here's a really superb specimen of FIBROUS MALACHITE (also called velvet or silky malachite) which was taken out of the Kasompe Mine, in Katanga Province, D.R.Congo. The dark jungle green color, the silky luster and the grape-like botryoidal form combine to make this a one-of-a-kind, really remarkable, extremely aesthetic and excellent quality malachite specimen. The botryoidal, bubble-like masses are made up of uncounted thousands of needle-like acicular crystals. The fibrous nature of the crystals (hence the name) is easily seen on various parts of the specimen, notably on the sides. On this specimen the color of the botryoidal growth is a super-saturated, dark, jungle green, while the fibrous malachite is a brilliant, rich grass green. This combination is only found on the very best specimens of this popular mineral. I picked up this dramatic piece from a new shipment of material that arrived from the Congo just in time for the Tucson Gem, Rock and Mineral Show and was on display under the tent of my friend Kabongo-Bongo. As usual, I high-graded the best specimens to bring home.