3.6" Outstanding Shiny Blue AZURITE & Green MALACHITE Milpillas Mexico for sale

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Location Sonora, Mexico
Size 3.6" x 2.8" x 1.3"
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This is an excellent specimen of AZURITE from the Milpillas Mine, near Milpillas, in the Cananea District, Sonora, Mexico. The rich, navy blue color is typical of the top notch specimens that come from this locality. The Milpillas copper mine opened in early 2007. It produced a few hundred good specimens in late 2007, and they were displayed at the 2008 Tucson Show, selling for ridiculously high prices. Over the next 4 years, more top-grade azurite came out, and after the original furor, prices dropped to more reasonable levels, but now they are beginning to rise as mining has been completed in the crystal-bearing zone. It compares very favorably to the few Tsumeb specimens you see these days, and is in a whole different class than the Moroccan and Chinese azurites which are most frequently found on the market today.

There's a little tent on the grass in front of the City Center Hotel (Inn Suites) where these extraordinary azurites are sold at the Tucson Gem, Rock and Mienral Show. This was again a beehive of activity this year. Sharply crystallized and lustrous azurites from this world-class locality were lined up on display in brightly lit glass cases, in undiminished quality (and ever-higher prices). The pseudomorphs of malachite after azurite that were so prevalent during the early days of the discovery were conspicuous in their absence, as mining in the oxidation zone of this mine has passed through the section which produced them. In discussions with several dealers, what I heard was that it is inevitable thatin the next two years, the spigot will be turned off when the oxidized zone is mined out, and when it is, prices will skyrocket the way they have with Illinois fluorite, Tsumeb azurite, Sweet Home rhodochrosite, etc. One dealer said he was putting aside a top piece for his retirement fund, which probably isn't a bad idea at all.