1.3" GemClear HERKIMER DIAMOND in2.6" Calcite Treasure Mountain Mine NY for sale

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Location New York, USA
Size 2.6" x 2.0" x 1.3"
Suggested Stand Small 2" Peg Stand
Here's an intriguing specimen of HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ in CALCITE from Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine in Little Falls, Herkimer County, NY. The mine has been closed since the end of the 2001 season, and is now owned by a farmer who does not tolerate trespassing collectors. The Herkimer Diamond (also known as a Little Falls Diamond) is very sharply terminated. The amazing thing about the herkimer diamond crystal (actually quartz) is that it is embedded in a sharp calcite crystal cluster - a rare occurence. This unusual crystal was collected by the noted New Hampshire mienral collector, Frank J. Murphy in 2001, and it comes with his original label.