88.69ct CITRINE QUARTZ AAA/FL Loose Gemstone Fancy Brilliant Oval Cut for sale

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Location Brazil
Size 1.2" x 1.0" x 0.7"
Here's an exceptional precious citrine quartz gemstone, weighing 88.69 carats, from Brazil. It is finished in a well proportioned fancy radiant brilliant oval cut. The color of this stone is a slightly smoky yellow, and it is graded as a flawless AAA gemstone (no inclusions, even under a 10X loupe). Every facet is perfectly shaped and impeccably geometric, with exceptionally crisp edges and razor sharp joins where the facets come together (there are no rounded junctions or points). The polish is flawless, with no visible polishing marks or scratches, and the stone is dazzlingly brilliant and sparklingly scintillating.

Here's a terrific PRECIOUS CITRINE QUARTZ CUT GEMSTONE, colored an appealing slightly smoky yellow. This stone comes from Brazil. We recently acquired a superb collection of cut gemstones which included many different mineral species. These gems were cut by our partner Dennis Miller, a well known gem cutter who is a trained and certified American Gem Society gemologist. Miller specializes in unusual cuts, and works only with the highest quality gem crystals. He produces finely-crafted, well-cut gems that display an amazing attention to detail. I think you will really enjoy owning any of Miller's cut stones. Remember, cut gemstones make a lovely display when set next to a natural gem crystal, a presentation technique that really speaks to people when you are showing them your collection. And, top quality gemstones can make a very good investment.