5.6" Gold STILPNOMELANE onCalcite Crystals Massachusetts Old Collection for sale

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Location Lane Brothers Quarry, Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA
Size 5.6" x 2.8" x 1.2"
Suggested Stand Medium 2.5" Peg Stand

I collected this specimen myself in 1987, when I first took up mineral collecting as an adult. I sold it and then in Tucson '18 it came back into my life! The stilpnomelane, a rare silicate, is formed as a thick, lustrous, golden coating over calcite on basalt. Ex-Charles M. Noll Collection, with old labels. Noll (1922-2014) bequeathed his extensive mineral collection to his alma mater, Marquette University in Wisconsin. The University had no geology department, so it went to the Seaman Mineralogical Museum, and was later dispersed.